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Herbie and Annabelle Vocabulary Practice.

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1 Herbie and Annabelle Vocabulary Practice

2 a part to the radio in your car
Over the weekend my dad painted my bedroom. My mom bought me some new sheets for my bed to go with the rainbow design on my walls. a piece of cloth used to sleep on or under an animal that we get wool from a part to the radio in your car

3 My friend told me a secret that she didn’t want her brother to know.
a delicious candy kept from the knowledge of others something you’d want everyone to know

4 Lauren likes to pretend that she is a princess who lives in a castle.
to make believe something that is really happening a noun

5 My teacher read us funny poems about the cafeteria.
stories that tell about a person’s life are always funny pieces of writing that express the writer’s imagination

6 My friend and I discovered that there was a girl our age moving in to the house near us.
found out winner in a contest something you can do only in a desert

7 not very happy eager to know not interested in
I am very curious about dolphins. I think they are interesting, and I always want to learn more about them. not very happy eager to know not interested in

8 Gerry Giraffe is sick. He has a bad cough. His throat is hurting too.
to force air from the lungs with sudden effort and noise an instrument you can play in a band a very quiet sound

9 Click on the box next to the vocabulary word you were on.
coughs sheet curious secret pretend discovered poems

10 Congratulations You know your vocabulary words!

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