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Introduction to DISKLESS PC How to beat the high cost of computing.

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1 Introduction to DISKLESS PC How to beat the high cost of computing

2 Users want: Simplicity and ease of use Access to data and applications High performance IT managers want: – Flexibility – Easy administration and management – Less failures – “Bulletproof” security – Compatibility with future environments – Scalability “Corporate” wants: Competitive advantage Increased productivity Lower costs Return on investment

3 Disadvantages of using Conventional PC model. ◦Higher price ◦Costly administration ◦Difficult to manage  Hard to deploy applications ◦Lower reliability / useful life  “Planned obsolescence” ◦High power consumption ◦Inherently insecure  Viruses  Data / application theft, “tampering” ◦Grow more complex over time

4 What is a DISKLESS PC? A server-based computing solution. Does not “run” applications locally. No hard disk required on each node. Run latest software with blazing speed even on 486 systems.

5 What is server-based computing? All data is stored on the server All applications are deployed, supported, and executed at the server, not the desktop Only keystrokes, mouse clicks, and GUI info travel across the network (or the Internet) User Desktop All applications running from server are displayed at the desktop

6 The best of everything Low Total Cost of Ownership Easy administration Applications and data are centrally managed Nodes are centrally managed Easy to deploy applications Easy to troubleshoot problems High reliability / long life

7 Low power consumption High security and control over users. Access to Windows applications Thousands of off-the-shelf applications Ability to run multiple session Very flexible The best of everything

8 Everything is managed at the central server  Faster and easier application deployment and upgrade  Better software version consistency  Less hardware to maintain  Less IT staff required to support more end users  More freedom for users to move around / roam  Less downtime  Increased end user productivity  Faster customer responsiveness  Increased customer satisfaction

9 Requires less IT staff/time Remote Setup & administration Backup at the server Data Uniformity/Security Application deployment overnight & centralized Uses a fraction of the electricity of a PC

10 What is TCO? (Total Cost of Ownership TCO is a concept used to better understand the cost elements of deployment of a particular IT model Elements of TCO include (but not limited to): Hardware and software acquisition (capital) costs Support costs Both IT tech support and “informal” end-user support

11 What is TCO? Cont’d Hardware and software upgrade and maintenance costs Hardware and software deployment costs Network administration and management costs Training costs Downtime (lost revenue) costs Power consumption costs

12 How is TCO impacted by DISKLESS PC Installing DISKLESS PC can 20% to 60% in TCO

13 What industries can benefit from using DISKLESS PC? Manufacturing Utilities Information Healthcare & Social Assistance Communications Finance and Insurance Retail / Wholesale Trade Education / Computer Institutes Government / Public/ Administration Accommodation & Food Services Transportation & Warehousing

14 What environments will benefit from DISKLESS PC Multiple replicated sites (branch offices) Highly standardized IT offices Remote computing / access Kiosks Task-based workers (customer service desk, circulation, cataloging, order entry, call center, payroll, etc.)

15 What environments will benefit from DISKLESS PC? Cont’d Basic office automation (Word, Excel, Database, etc.) High-use applications used by a grouping (ex. new customer set up, sales/usage analysis) and executed on central servers Offices with limited tech support Upgrading older equipment / standardizing on / shift to new platform

16 How can I determine if I need DISKLESS PC? If you are looking for: Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Freedom from regular hardware upgrades. High quality and reliability Rapid software and hardware deployment Reduced help desk demands Faster troubleshooting

17 How can I determine if I need DISKLESS PC? Cont’d Increased security and elimination of viruses Lower administrative costs Less maintenance Superior desktop management Improved user training Access data from anywhere Silent operation

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