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Business Planning using Spreadsheets

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1 Business Planning using Spreadsheets
Ian Harrison Business Planning Using Spreadsheets: aimed at people with limited experience of spreadsheet software use and learn Excel/Open Office Calc develop components of a business plan for Bacchus Wines Business Planning using Spreasheets-1

2 Computer Facilities provided by Birkbeck IT Services (ITS)
ID Card required to access facilities Contact ITS Help Desk: Rm128 (SCSIS Lab) - Login using: Username = ITS Username Initial Password = S4veThePlanet I: drive allocation in SCSIS labs N: drive allocation in ITS labs Printer Quota = 100 pages A4 in ITS labs Printer Quota = 2500 pages A4 in ITS labs Analysis Planning and Control-1

3 Business Planning using Spreadsheets - Objectives
Design and build usable spreadsheets Use formulas, functions and create named cells/blocks Use charts to illustrate your work Prepare and print out formatted presentations of a business plan Gain an understanding of the importance of collecting and analysis data and using this for planning and managing in a small business environment. Business Planning using Spreasheets-1

4 What is Business Planning?
BUSINESS: provides goods or services Profit making: Commercial organisations Not-for-Profit: Public sector, charities PLANNING: requires incorporation of financial analysis into FUTURE plans. Sales and Expenditure, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet). Business Planning using Spreasheets-1

5 What is Business Planning?
PLANNING involves: ANALYSIS: requires collation of data sales vs. expenditure cash inflows v. cash outflows) CONTROL: involves: Comparing ACTUAL v FORECAST data GAP Analysis) MANAGING involves: making informed decisions Business Planning using Spreasheets-1

6 BP 2009 – Dates of Classes 2009 Mondays 6:00 to 9:00 pm (Rm B43)
Session 1: 11 May Session 2: 18 May 25 May – Bank Holiday – no class Session 3: 01 June Session 4: 08 June Session 5: 15 June Session 6: 22 June Self-Study Session: 29 June (work on TMA) Session 7/8: 6 July (TMA due) FMA Due: 01 September 2009 Business Planning using Spreasheets-1

7 BP - Assessment TMA - Tutor Marked Assignment (25%) Cash Flow Analysis Due Session 6 (10 March 2008) FMA - Final Module Assignment (75%) Forecast Components of Business Plan Due by Tuesday 1st September 2009 TMA and FMA deliverables need to be submitted electronically in the Assignment Dropbox in Blackboard Business Planning using Spreasheets-1

8 AP - Assessment Files I: drive in SCSIS Create Module Folder I:/ap/
Name your TMA files: yourITSUserID_bptma.xls yourITSUserID_bptma.doc Name yourFMA files: yourITSUserID_bpfma.xls yourITSUserID_bpfma.doc Business Planning using Spreasheets-1

9 Email Support Ian Harrison (
Contact you via BBK Student address: Webmail - Accessing your BBK Setting up and Forwarding your BBK Business Planning using Spreasheets-1

10 Getting Help SCSIS Systems Group: ITS Help Desk: tel: web: ITApps Admin: ITApps Assessment: Analysis Planning and Control-1

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