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IT Induction for Postgraduate Students. Online support Online Getting Started Guide

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1 IT Induction for Postgraduate Students

2 Online support Online Getting Started Guide

3 Outline IT Sign Up Accessing computers Accessing key services using the Student Portal What to do if you have a problem Additional services Students Off-Campus Security Issues Useful Links/Resources

4 IT Sign Up: Getting access to your computer account Where? Any cluster PC (see on screen instructions) or On the web using the IT Account Manager ( What do I need? Your student ID number (this should be in the information you have already received and can be found on your ID Card) What if I need help? If there are problems after this session, then please see the IT Service Desk in the John Rylands University Library or the Joule Library IT Sign Up

5 IT Sign Up: What do I get? This process is essential for you to use the central IT services at the University It will Give you your Username Give you your University Email address Tell you where to access your email Tell you where to find your personal web space IT Sign Up

6 IT Sign Up: Passwords You must create your own password Make sure that it follows good practice It must be between 8 and 14 characters and contain at least 2 numbers Make sure you fill in the password recovery section of the IT Account Manager site so that your can recover your own password in case you forget it IT Sign Up

7 IT Account Manager Once you have signed up you can go back into IT Account Manager and review your details change your password IT Sign Up

8 IT Sign Up: Returning Students You do not need to go through IT Sign Up You will still have access to your old email and P: drive Your email address should automatically be changed to IT Sign Up

9 Username You must remember your username as it cannot be changed At IT Sign Up you agree that you are responsible for any actions that take place on a computer where your username has been entered Dont leave a computer without logging off Dont give other people your username & password IT Sign Up

10 Usernames look something like this… mftx1ar2 This is NOT the same as your Student Registration System username IT Sign Up

11 Where can I access a computer? Centrally supported: University Place, open 24 hrs (ground floor, residential block, building 37a on the Campus Map) John Rylands University Library (library opening times) Owens Park Accessing computers on campus

12 Clusters local to you are in… Bridgeford Street Ellen Wilkinson Samuel Alexander Mansfield Cooper Martin Harris Oddfellows Hall Williamson Accessing computers on campus For details see

13 Student Portal Gateway to key services and information Access via StudentNet Student Portal: Access to key services or access directly at Log in using your central username & password

14 Student Portal: Email University webmail You must check this account as it is Used by the University Linked into other systems e.g. library Student Portal: Email Allocated 500 MB of space You can always forward to an existing email account (with Mail Account Manager from within webmail)

15 Where do I get help with email? For full documentation, FAQs, and access to Mail Account Manager ICT Office Getting Started resources provide an overview ources/getting-started/index.html ources/getting-started/index.html Student Portal: Email

16 Student Portal: Personal Storage P: drive on the web Access to files stored on your Personal Network Storage over the web Student Portal: Personal Storage Or Via My Computer on a University PC At least 200 Mb network space per student

17 Student Portal: the VLE Blackboard is the University Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Used to support online teaching and learning by providing access to resources: Student Portal: VLE Course materials Online assessment Discussion boards & chat rooms

18 Where can I save files? Personal Network storage - P: drive Memory sticks are supported Most University PCs have CD writers Please DO NOT use Floppy Disks or C: Drive – you may lose your data Other core services: Saving files on campus

19 How can I print? Each cluster machine already has a default printer installed but You can print to any other printer on the network Double click on the printer icon on the desktop Other core services: Printing on campus

20 Where do I get help with printing? For full documentation, location of print robots and charges go to ICT Office Getting Started resources provide an overview sources/getting-started/index.html sources/getting-started/index.html Other core services: Printing on campus

21 Software Full list of applications are available at Faculty & School specific applications Visit the Electronic Software Download site to download additional software Other core services: Software

22 Software: Windows and Office Currently the University uses Microsoft XP and Office 2007 / / Other core services: Software

23 Personal Web Pages Most Schools have signed up to support their students accessing this service For guidelines, how to use the service and links to Faculty specific resources see Other core services: Personal Web Pages

24 Developing your IT skills Various providers of support Discipline/School Humanities ICT Office learning resources University IT Services Online Training Materials es/trainingresources es/trainingresources Other core services: Developing your IT Skills

25 Developing your IT skills European Computer Driving License Demonstrate your competency in different areas of computing courses/ecdl courses/ecdl Other core services: Developing your IT Skills

26 Security Details in the Guide to IT Services Use email safely Create secure passwords Use anti-virus software on your home machine/laptop FREE software: Security

27 What do I do if I have an IT problem? Familiarise yourself with the services in the Guide to IT Services Use the web resources In particular check the Service Availability/Service Notification System Access the Service Desk Submit a problem online via (0161 30)65544 John Rylands University Library and Joule Library IT Problems

28 Students Off-Campus Email P:drives on the web The Portal VPN For access to additional services such as the Electronic Software Download service Additional Services

29 Halls of Residence: HORNET Info point Sessions in various Halls of Residence during start of term. Weekdays 4pm -6pm from 22 nd September to 3 rd October Additional Services Support site

30 Additional Services Purchasing IT goods PC Repairs equipmentrepaired/ equipmentrepaired/ Wireless Access Renting a laptop or computer Colour poster printing service is available in the Kilburn Building (charges apply) Additional Services

31 Any questions? This concludes the presentation You will now go through the IT Signup process

32 IT Sign-Up Press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys Username = signup Password = signup Follow the IT sign-up process (page 2 of the booklet A Guide to IT services) * If you encounter any problems please ask for help! Log out of the PC Start >Log off

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