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Making connections with University Partners Dr Siobhán Jordan.

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1 Making connections with University Partners Dr Siobhán Jordan

2 © Interface Support for Business Research & technology capabilities Contract research & collaboration Specialist expertise Access to equipment & facilities Consultancy Industrial placements Training, support & development Strategy, marketing & planning support

3 © Interface Industry Benefits

4 Two nations divided by a common language “A special relationship” WEAKNESS: LACK OF MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING Blue Sky, Ivory Tower, Bottom line, Shareholder value, Innovation…..

5 Pure or applied? Identify, develop and commercialise a new low cost route to a commodity chemical as quickly as possible. Understand fundamentals of Palladium catalysed carbonylation, new ligands, in situ spectroscopy and computational methodologies.

6 © Interface To facilitate businesses of all sizes and sectors to connect rapidly to the skills, expertise and resources available in the Scottish Higher Education sector Scottish Enterprise Highlands & Islands Enterprise Scottish Government Chambers of Commerce Trade Associations CBI Scotland IoD Scotland Accountants, Lawyers & Banks Networking Groups Business Advisors Intermediary Organisations Academic Partners All Scottish Universities & Research Institutes Business Community Referrals Via intermediary organisations Direct Contact Via events, word of mouth, press, etc. Interface - The Matchmaker for Business

7 © Interface How does this work in practice? Identify suitable partners Establish capability & capacity Company selects partner Facilitates introductions Monitors progress

8 © Interface




12 Dr Siobhán Jordan

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