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Induction – OMG! D Y Thnk we hv 2 std up + say sumting??? 

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1 Induction – OMG! D Y Thnk we hv 2 std up + say sumting??? 


3 Ice Breakers I Have Known  Introduce yourself to the person next to you then introduce them to the rest of the group.  Write words or feelings that describe how you are feeling about today on the board.  Make stickers with some of your major characteristics on and find people who are the same / different to you.  Pin the name of a famous person to someone else’s back – everyone must then find out who they are by asking each other questions

4 How do you feel about standing up and introducing yourself?  “Definitely no thanks I would end up crying of embarrassment or something along those lines LOL”.  “Not very keen, would have done it if I'd had too but the first few weeks of Uni are fairly nerve wrecking anyway it would have been difficult to do”.


6 Ice Breaker Issues  On the spot ‘reactions’. Disadvantage to disabled students and overseas students?  Favour the ‘bold’.  Do they really allow students to get to know other students and staff?  As class sizes increase time spent per person decreases.  Loathed and knowingly avoided by many.

7 E-Portfolios

8 Customisable Web Space. Shared to individual Shared to Course. Informal Peer Mentoring. Socialising. Shared to Module. Hopes / Fears. Hobbies. Multimedia Content. Private. Real Hopes and Fears?

9 My Own Portfolio

10 What do students include? Family Information Photographs Information about School Friends Links to Social Networking Sites HobbiesPets Reasons for Choosing Course Personal Achievements Multimedia Content Links to websites Likes / Dislikes Jokes Facts etc.

11 How is it used? Module Course


13 Links to Social Network Sites.


15 Percentage Participation. N= 99, 102, 105 respectively

16 Comparison of Preference.

17 Student reflections  “It allowed everyone to introduce themselves without being completely nervous which would have happened if we had to stand up in front of everyone. Standing up would have meant people would be out of character and would say as little as possible about themselves. Whereas the e-portfolio allowed everyone to say loads about themselves therefore giving a bigger and better image of people on the course. It also allowed you to re-visit the portfolios to get up-to-date info about people later on in the course, refreshing your memory about those people who you know least. I think its definitely worth doing during the introduction weeks of a new course at university!!!”

18 Issues.  “Although not nerve wrecking, I felt it was slightly pointless as not everybody seemed interested in other individuals portfolios.”  “Having to read everyone's in the class. Took quite a long time.”  “Trying to think of what to write that wouldn’t be embarrassing or incriminating, LOL.”  “A lot of people did not ever go back onto the e-portfolio and did not alter their original one, therefore for some people its not worth doing.”

19 On seeing Lecturer’s portfolios  “If you feel confident that they are approachable from an early stage it helps the settling in process.”  “As this individual is central to your learning for that particular module. Therefore if the student lecturer bond is stronger as a student I would feel more comfortable going to them for help.”

20 Insight. The ability to say things that otherwise would make someone feel embarrassed (like geeky interests) when first talking to someone

21 Unexpected Use…  Impromptu blogging.  Publishing of lecture notes.

22 Would you use the e-Portfolio again in a different setting?  “Yes - I think its a good idea for education and businesses to have them, would be nice if you could do a bit of research about the people you will be working/learning with, not just the institution itself”

23 Final Student Reflection…

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