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Evaluation of my motorcycle Joseph Mangan 09006675.

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1 Evaluation of my motorcycle Joseph Mangan 09006675

2 Design of bike As I look back on my poster of my bike it is very obvious that there has been a few changes along the way and this was because of my unrealistic designs. I had planned a full rear fender and a fender made from chains at the front but I found it would be very difficult create the look I desired for the back fender. This was when I adapted my chain idea to fit my back fender and overall I was happy with how that turned out. It is also one of the pieces on my bike which is directly related to my theme.

3 While some of the features on my bike differ from the poster all the ideas shown on it got me thinking about my theme and how I could communicate this Some of the ideas I had while they looked good on paper were not so good in practice. The handlebar covers are a prime example of this as. The plan was to make wooden pieces that looked like cigar. I got a piece of dowel and rounded off the top of it on the woodwork lathe. I then used a wood burner to mark in the curves around the outside of a cigar. The end result was a dowel the had been slightly burned and nothing like a cigar The design I used to replace this while not as creative is still not a bad replacement. It doesn’t relate to my theme in the same direct manner that the cigar would have but it still adds to the overall image of the bike I feel. Design of bike

4 While some of my design attempts were ambitious more of them went to plan. The frame was an example of this. I spent quite a long time getting my frame design correct and this paid dividends throughout the manufacture of the frame as I had exact plan to rely on Shown below is a partial view of some of the drawings I used throughout the project which were a major help in achieving my ideas.

5 Manufacture of bike Despite having planed the frame well I ran into a number of problems like how and where would I mount the engine? How would I fit the tank on with the engine? Etc etc. All of these problems needed to be addressed through out the build and that is one of the reasons why I feel I learned so much. The first stage in the manufacture was the frame. Which I welded together using all the types of welding available to me. MIG, TIG, stick and gas. I felt It was a good learning opportunity to try each type of welding so I took it. I also did a small bit of welding at home using MIG and stick welding and videos of this are shown on my blog.

6 Manufacture of bike While the frame was coming together I started work on the tank and the seat. I felt that to achieve the design I wanted which was a tank and seat that fitted together I would make them both out of Tancast. The work on the tank and seat was quite laborious and it took a lot of work to get a fine finish the picture below some of the stages the tank and the seat went trough. These stages included filling priming sanding painting and finally applying my stickers

7 Manufacture of bike The rest of the production on my bike went rather smoothly except for the steering plates which I made from material that was too thin which made it quite difficult to weld but I eventually got around this problem and got my handle bars welded on. I had a problem sourcing wheels that suited my bike but I bought two on eBay and they arrived just in time. I also had to make a number of pieces I had not considered at the out set like spacers for the back and front wheels at a bushings for the steering plate.

8 Finishing of bike I can safely say that I found this the hardest parts of the bike to do and it was one of the few aspects of the module which I really didn’t enjoy. I found the painting difficult and it was hard to get a good surface finish but I just think this was down to my lack of experience doing this sort of work.

9 Evaluation Overall I am relatively happy with how my bike turned out. There are a number of aspects I was unhappy with like the finish was a bit rough in places and there were a number of scuffs to the paintwork during assembly. I feel that the tank and the seat came out well and I think the rear fender was quite a good idea but the welding of it was quite difficult which I have mentioned in previous entries in the blog As regards the overall appearance of the bike I am happy and I feel it portrays my theme well due to the colour scheme and the different design features.

10 Evaluation While I feel happy with my bike there are definitely a number of things I would change if I were to attempt this project again. I would have planned better as I have already stated I had to change a number of my ambitious designs due to they were almost unmake able. This caused me to have to change my design later on which was time I didn’t have to devote to creating a new idea. I would have spent more time achieving a better finish with my painting as this was an area where I began pushed for time and was not 100% happy with outcome. I would have made a front fender as I feel this would really add to the overall appearance of the bike and complete it. I would have used more TIG welding if I was to do this project again as I found this the easiest and neatest method of welding I used.

11 Evaluation Overall I feel I learned a lot in this module not just the welding but real practical and useful experience that would definitely stand to a student metalwork teacher in the future. Throughout the 12 weeks on this project I have encountered various problems which I have had to solve using outside of the box thinking. I have become much more competent on machines which I had only minimal experience on before like the milling machine and the laser cutter. Having never done metalwork before I came to college my bench work may not have been brilliant but I feel this module has really changed that as I had plenty of practice. To conclude I would like to say how much I enjoyed this module and I feel that was shown in the amount of work I put into it as I felt it was a project I really wanted to engage with

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