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Northern Ireland Smart Specialisation Ciaran McGarrity Innovation Policy DETI.

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1 Northern Ireland Smart Specialisation Ciaran McGarrity Innovation Policy DETI

2 What is Smart Specialisation? kingdom-of-smart

3 S3- In summary “Evidence Based priority setting and integrated delivery”

4 S3 priorities Leadership & Cultural Change Open Innovation Public Sector Innovation Access to Finance Increase Capacity and Capability Enabling themes Adv. Man & Mat Advanced Engineering, Composites, Electronics & Electrical components Life & Health Science Connected Health & Stratified Medicine ICT Software engineering, Big data/ Data analytics, Cyber Security, Capital Markets, Digital content Agri-Food Technology Integrated Value Chain, Traceability, niche/functional food, Packaging & shelf life Sustainable Energy Intelligent energy systems Market Opportunity Areas

5 Connected Health –S3 niche

6 “Cross sectoral market opportunities” 6 Entrepreneurial Discovery Process

7 Public Consultation MATRIX Science Industry panel established 2006 Public Consultation Northern Ireland Economic Strategy 2030 March 2012 Public Consultation Draft Economic Strategy 2011 Consultation Paper Economic Strategy S3 Process 7 Joined S3 Platform March 2012 Draft Innovation Strategy Sept 2013 Innovation Strategy ERDF Operational programme NI S3 policy ‘Expert Reviewed’ July 2013 Innovation Strategy Action Plan Independent Review of Economic Policy 2009 Northern Ireland Executive Sub-Committee on the Economy Public responses Public Consultation

8 Delivering S3 – The Policy Framework Programme For Government Economic Strategy- Strategic Framework Innovation Strategy (draft) 8

9 Policy Framework 9 Executive Strategy Increase innovation activity to drive growth Public sector as a driver of innovation Collaboration Publication mid 2014

10 Measuring progress

11 Accountability and Governance Northern Ireland Executive Sub- Committee on the Economy Innovation Council Steering Group Delivery Partners To meet biannually – Chaired by DETI Minister - reps from private sector, academia, Local government, third sector Senior Officials Delivery Partners

12 Thank You

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