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Northern Ireland Smart Specialisation

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1 Northern Ireland Smart Specialisation
Ciaran McGarrity Innovation Policy DETI

2 What is Smart Specialisation?

3 S3- In summary “Evidence Based priority setting and integrated delivery”

4 S3 priorities Market Opportunity Areas ICT Agri-Food Technology
Software engineering, Big data/ Data analytics, Cyber Security, Capital Markets, Digital content Agri-Food Technology Integrated Value Chain, Traceability, niche/functional food, Packaging & shelf life Adv. Man & Mat Advanced Engineering, Composites, Electronics & Electrical components Market Opportunity Areas Life & Health Science Connected Health & Stratified Medicine Sustainable Energy Intelligent energy systems Leadership & Cultural Change Enabling themes Open Innovation Public Sector Innovation Access to Finance Increase Capacity and Capability

5 Connected Health –S3 niche

6 Entrepreneurial Discovery Process
Led by Industry Inspired by Academia Facilitated by Government “Cross sectoral market opportunities”

7 S3 Process Northern Ireland Economic Strategy 2030
March 2012 MATRIX Science Industry panel established 2006 Public Consultation Joined S3 Platform March 2012 Draft Economic Strategy 2011 Innovation Strategy Action Plan NI S3 policy ‘Expert Reviewed’ July 2013 Public Consultation Draft Innovation Strategy Sept 2013 Public Consultation Independent Review of Economic Policy 2009 Innovation Strategy ERDF Operational programme Public Consultation Public Consultation Northern Ireland Executive Sub-Committee on the Economy Public responses S3 is engrained in the Northern Ireland policy process Matrix 2006 Technology Capability Study- K.E.T.S. MATRIX HORIZON REPORTS I.R.E.P. Recommendations such as new structures, Economic Strategy, Innovation / High Value activities Economic Strategy & Associated research Peer Review’ Recommendations 1. Adopt broader view of ‘innovation’ 2. Use public sector to drive innovation Improve monitoring and evaluation mechanisms Draft Innovation Strategy ERDF Operational Programme Consultation Document- Currently undergoing consultation Consultation Paper Economic Strategy Public Consultation

8 Delivering S3 – The Policy Framework
Programme For Government Economic Strategy- Strategic Framework Innovation Strategy (draft)

9 Policy Framework Executive Strategy - 2025
Increase innovation activity to drive growth Public sector as a driver of innovation Collaboration Publication mid 2014 Draft Innovation Strategy To deliver the Opportunities identified – this means In tangible terms this sort of transformation by 2025 will mean: • Many more of our companies engaging in innovation, collaboration and exporting; • Doubling the number of knowledge economy businesses and increasing their employment by 15,000; • Expenditure of £1billion per annum on R&D; and • Greater numbers of young people achieving graduate and post-graduate qualifications in STEM. Knowledge Generation 1 We will undertake a new research and technology capabilities study across the public and private sectors. 2 We will prioritise R&D funding towards opportunities identified in the Economic Strategy. Knowledge Exchange 1 We will enhance our support to companies to engage in open innovation activities, either through the development of an Open Innovation Centre or the provision of a new support service. 2 We will increase our investment in establishing industry-led collaborative networks, particularly those focused on market opportunities identified in the Economic Strategy. 3 We will increase our investment in programmes and initiatives that support collaboration between businesses and academia and business to business. 4 We will increase our support to local companies and research organisations to secure at least €100m from Horizon 2020 Knowledge Exploitation 1 We will fund a new world-class business accelerator. 2 We will become a strategic partner of the UK Open Data Institute and develop a developer engagement strategy to support local companies create new products and services from open data. 3 We will establish a central fund to co-fund SBRI projects. Leadership & Cultural Change 1 We will seek to establish an Innovation Council. 2 We will establish a Chief Scientific Advisor role for Northern Ireland.

10 Measuring progress

11 Accountability and Governance
Northern Ireland Executive Sub- Committee on the Economy Innovation Council To meet biannually – Chaired by DETI Minister - reps from private sector, academia, Local government, third sector Steering Group Senior Officials Delivery Partners Delivery Partners Delivery Partners Delivery Partners

12 Thank You

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