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Engineering Professors' Council Chairman's Annual Report.

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1 Engineering Professors' Council Chairman's Annual Report

2 The committee has met six times since the last conference Much of the work is done outside of formal meetings. Thanks to retiring members Output standards Assessment Workshops Leaflet for Employers World wide requests for copies

3 Roberts Review Report Influence of EPC? School Education 14-19 Green paper Science Education 14-19 evidence to Science and Technology Committee Vocational A levels in Engineering Mathematics Review

4 ETB Dinner with Chief Executive Concerns EC(UK) Maintained links with staff SARTOR review

5 Generic Marking Descriptors Current EPC Initiative input requested from members QAA  Arrangements for lighter touch  Revision of benchmarking  We hope for involvement and close match with output standards

6 HEFCE Widening participation We expressed a number of concerns RAE Review We produced detailed response on our views and ways in which we would like to see the system evolve

7 Links with LTSN Assessment Workshops Centre Director sits on EPC Committee as an observer

8 International contacts –SEFI Conference Florence –Glasgow Conference (EPC a sponsor) –Manchester Conference –Bologna Seminar –Arizona Conference –EPC involvement in E4

9 Save British Science –Presentation at committee meeting –co-opted onto Steering committee Engineering Education scheme Presentation at committee meeting

10 Attendance at variety of Sectoral group meetings EPC Strategy A revised version was adopted at the Representatives' Meeting

11 Web-Site Introduction of discussion forum APEG Link Parliamentary lobbying Link with Dr Ian Gibson

12 Held meetings with ICE and IEE Future of HE White paper discussed but hope for more opinions from the wider membership

13 Arrangements for postgraduate education Representatives’ Meeting Bologna Seminar

14 Chairman's correspondence –letters on behalf of EPC in THES Sunday Times Professional Engineering Award for services to Engineering

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