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The Employability Enhancement Theme Dr Graeme Roberts 20th December 2004.

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1 The Employability Enhancement Theme Dr Graeme Roberts 20th December 2004

2 Important and timely theme Because - many students believe HE increases their chances of well-paid and meaningful employment one of SHEFCs hallmarks of a high quality sector is where learning and teaching promotes the employability of students ELIR includes consideration of our approach to the employability of our students SFC publication of Learning to Work as a framework for consultation and policy development (October 04)

3 Important and timely theme Also because - Enhancing Student Employability Co-ordination Team (ESECT) briefings and practical toolkits: see LTSN Generic Centre guidance on enhancing student employability support for employability theme by Higher Education Academy subject centres = Great opportunity for Scottish universities to build on and exploit this material

4 What is employability? A set of achievements - skills, understandings and personal attributes - that make graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations (ESECT)

5 Aims of Employability Steering Committee To help the sector engage effectively with the theme by: creating a clearer understanding of what is meant by employability raising its profile and demonstrating its benefits encouraging and assisting the development of institutional strategies that embed employability in the entire student experience working with the joint SACCA/QAA group that is developing material to support the introduction of personal development planning in 2006

6 Network of Institutional Contacts To ensure that our programme of work is informed and shaped by the sectors needs and priorities, ICs have provided information about: how each university plans to engage with the theme what it hopes the outcomes of this will be what assistance it needs any proposals for a local employability event

7 Main priority areas developing an employability strategy (75%) personal development planning (63%) mapping employability-related practice (44%) embedding employability in the curriculum (38%) staff development activities (38%)

8 Employability Strategy Working Group To oversee our engagement Currently considering: –mapping the current level of employability-related activity in each School –identifying and sharing good practice –assisting Schools and disciplines to embed employability in their curricula –working with Students Association to promote employability through extra-curricular activities (e.g. Future Skills project) –addressing the implications of the Learning to Work report []

9 Employability Strategy Working Group Has agreed to develop an institutional strategy that: builds on our current policy for provision of careers education,information and guidance (February 2002) incorporates provision for PDP takes account of the Learning to Work report provides an overarching framework and guidance for the development and delivery of College and School or discipline action plans, and the development of the partnership between the Students Association and the Careers Service

10 Employability Strategy Working Group Seeking help and advice from the Steering Committee on how to: develop and implement an effective strategy in the context of a research-led university (e.g. Glasgow - make the best use of the briefing materials and toolkits developed by the ESECT project take account of the needs of local and national employers (e.g. Regional Employers Forum) monitor and assess the effectiveness of our strategy

11 College of Physical Sciences Employability already at the heart of the many degree programmes accredited by professional and statutory bodies that CPS delivers CPS particularly well placed to contribute to the development of an institutional strategy that also meets the needs of students on non-accredited programmes in science

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