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Square A rectangle whose sides are all the same length.

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1 square A rectangle whose sides are all the same length.

2 square array A rectangular array with the same number of rows as columns.

3 square number A number that is the product of a whole number multiplied by itself; a whole number to the second power. 1 4 9 16 35 = 35 x 35 = 1225 2

4 square of a number The product of number and itself.

5 square pyramid A pyramid with a square base.

6 square root of a number The square root of a number n is a number which, when multiplied by itself, results in the number n. 320= 2*2*2*2*2*2*5 320= 4*4*4*5 or 320=16*4*5 √320=8√5

7 square units The units used to measure area. 7 square units

8 standard notation The most familiar way of representing whole numbers, integers, and decimals by writing digits in specified place. 587 = 500 + 60 + 7 expanded notation standard notation

9 standard unit A uniform unit of measure.

10 step graph A graph that looks like steps.

11 stem-and-leaf plot A display of data in which digits with larger place values are named as stems, and digits with smaller place values are names as leaves.

12 s traightedge A tool used to draw a line segment.

13 subtraction A math operation based on taking away one quantity from another or decreasing quantity. 7 - 3 4 minuend subtrahend difference

14 subtrahend The number being subtracted. 7 - 3 4 minuend subtrahend difference

15 sum The answer to an adding problem. addends 14 + 15 + 6 = 35 sum

16 supplementary angels Two angels whose measures total 180. o

17 survey Collection data for graphing and analysis.

18 symmetry The property of exact balance in a figure; having the same size and shape across a dividing line.

19 symmetry The matching of two halves of a shape.

20 tally marks Marks used to keep track of a count. 5 10 11

21 tally chart Tally charts are used to organize and display data. A tally chart is a table that shows how many times each value appears.

22 tangent Intersecting at exactly one point.

23 template A pattern used as a guide in making something accurately.

24 tens The place-value position equal to ten times the unit value. 5959 270270

25 term In an algebraic expression or equation, a number or a product of a number and one or more variables.

26 terminating decimal Decimals that continue a pattern without end.. 333… 1313 =. 30

27 tessellation An arrangement of closed shapes that covers a surface completely without overlaps or gaps.

28 tetrahedron A polyhedron with four faces.

29 theorem A mathematical statement that can be proven to be true (or sometimes, a statement that is proposed and needs to be proven).

30 3-dimensional (3-D) Objects with thickness,length and width.

31 3-dimensional (3-D) Objects that are not completely within a single flat surface.

32 tile A shape used in a tessellation. If only one shape is repeated in a tessellation, the tessellation is called a same-tile tessellation.

33 tiling An arrangement of closed shapes that covers a surface completely without overlaps or gaps.

34 time line A number line showing years, days,and events in a sequence.

35 tool kit A bag containing things needed in math.

36 top-heavy fraction A fraction that names a number greater than or equal to 1; a fraction whose numerator is equal to or greater than its denominator.

37 trade-first subtraction Subtraction procedure in which all necessary trades are done before any subtractions are carried out.

38 trapezoid A quadrilateral that has one pair of parallel sides. No two sides need to be the same length.

39 translation The motion of “sliding” an object or picture along a straight line.

40 transparent mirror A mirror with a front and back face that has a recessed edge used for drawing lines of symmetry.

41 triangle A 3-sided polygon.

42 triangular prism A prism whose bases are triangles.

43 triangular pyramid A pyramid whose bases (faces) are triangles.

44 trillion A digit(s) followed by 12 whole-number places. One trillion written in number form is 1,000,000,000,000 in exponential form 10 12

45 triple Three times an amount.

46 turn Rotation.

47 turn-around facts A pair of add or multiplication facts in which the order of the addends or the factors is reversed. 6 + 3 3 + 6 143 + 23 23 + 143 2 x 3 3 x 2 234 x 5 5 x 234

48 twin primes Two prime numbers that are separated by just one composite number. 3 and 5 are twin primes, because they are separated by the composite number 4.

49 2-dimensional (2-D) Objects completely within a flat surface; objects with length and width, but no thickness.

50 unit A label, descriptive word, or unit of measure used to put a number in context. 24 children 27 ducks 30 cents 3 o’clock 1 kg

51 unit ONE of something,

52 unit box A box displayed alongside a set of numbers or problems. Unit cents dogs days inches bats

53 unit fraction A fraction that names one of the equal parts of the whole. The numerator is always 1.

54 unit marks The equidistant makes that represent numbers on thermometers, rulers, and other scales of measurement.

55 U.S. customary system The standard measuring system used in the United States. Distance inch foot yard mile Capacity cup pint quart gallon Weight ounce pound Temperature Fahrenheit

56 variable A letter other symbol that represents a number. A variable need not represent one specific number; it can stand for many different values.

57 vertex (vertices) The point at which the rays or line segments of an angle, sides of a polygon, or the ends of a polyhedron meet.

58 vertical angles Two intersecting lines form four angles. Two angles with the same vertex, but no sides in common.

59 volume The measure of the amount of space a 3- dimensional shape takes up.

60 weight A measure of how heavy something is.

61 “What’s My Rule?” A routine that involves a set of number pairs in with the numbers in each pair are related to each other according to the same rule.

62 whole The entire object, collection of objects, or quantity being considered; the ONE, the unit, 100%.

63 whole number Any of the numbers.

64 Whole number Any of the numbers. 1, 2, 3, 4, …

65 width of a rectangle Length of one side of a rectangle or rectangular object; often the shorter side.

66 X-by-y array An arrangement having x rows of y per row, representing x set of y objects in each set. 2-by-6 arrays: 2 rows, 6 per row Array of Dots Array of squares

67 yard (yd) Standard unit of length equal to 3 feet or 36 inches. 1 23

68 zero facts The sum of two 1-digit numbers where one of the addends is zero. The product of two 1 digit numbers. The produce is always 0. 0 + 5 = 54 x 0 = 0 8 + 0 = 80 x 8 = 0 0 + 6 = 67 x 0 = 0

69 zone A group of locations, usually determined by distances, for which a uniform rate is charged by a delivery or transportation system.

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