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Christine Kladnik I‘m great the way I am Presentation.

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1 Christine Kladnik I‘m great the way I am Presentation

2 Christine Kladnik

3 Maurice Maeterlinckschool Netherlands Öskjuhlíðarskóli Iceland Nós Portugal Shepherd School Great Britain St Cecilia’s Special School Ireland Ecole spécialisée Olbia Pomponiana France Schule Rogatsboden Austria

4 It began in Nottingham… at the eTwinning Konferenz for special education 29.9. – 1. 10.2006 Kristin Arnardóttir Öskjuhlioarskóli Department Manager ICELAND Denise Dunford St.Cecilia‘s Special School Teacher IRELAND Joao Navalho NOS Teacher Lavradio PORTUGAL Michèle Etienne Ecole spécialisée Olbia Pomponiana Hyeres Manager FRANCE MirjamHeemskerk Maurice Maeterlinckschool Delft Teacher NETHERLANDS David Stewart Shepherd School Nottingham Manager GREAT BRITAIN Christine Kladnik Schule Rogatsboden Purgstall Teacher AUSTRIA (as photograph not on picture)

5 Our pupils are all mental and/or physical handicapped cannot read or write mostly are inquiring about the big wide world anyhow like to have contact but are restrained in their possibilities of contact and they are inimitable, wonderful children!

6 The aims of our project We want to communicate to our pupils, that they are important participants of the European Union. They should learn how other children in different states of the EU and simular schools live, learn and work. They should show other children, what is important and valuable for them in their school, what they are proud about and what they like.

7 The project The owl „Maurice“ (a stuffed animal) „flies“ (in a parcel by post ) from one school to the other. In each school the children should show her, what is special, interesting, funny, beautiful,… Therefrom are taken photos (if possible from the children themselves) and a photostory is created. This stories go to all other partner schools by e-mail. There they are presented to the pupils, teachers,… in addition we try to communicate different specialities of the particular state (food, music, flags, speech…)

8 Thank you for your interest! Christine Kladnik Schule Rogatsboden (special school for special children) Rogatsboden 27 3251 Purgstall

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