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+ Mariana González Romero =D. + AT HOME + I usually wake up around: 6:30am.

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1 + Mariana González Romero =D


3 + I usually wake up around: 6:30am

4 + I usually go to bed at: 10:30pm

5 + Before I go to bed, I: Brush my teeth and Wash my face

6 + My three favorite things to do at home are: Go to facebook Skate Walk my dog

7 + Today for breakfast I ate: Hot cakes!!

8 + When I need a quiet place to relax I go to: My garden

9 + Last night for dinner I ate: quesadillas

10 + Chores I do at home are: Wash the dishes Make my bed Clean up my beadroom

11 + If I were in charge, I would be able to watch___ 1½ ____ hours of television every day. This would include playing video games, too.


13 + The last book I read was:

14 + If the school cafeteria serves empanadas I will be first in line, but if they serve shrimp will bring lunch that day.

15 + If I could make up a new word it would be: krikis

16 + The definition would be: Fell good, Ex: I fell krikis this day.

17 + I’m really good at: Tenis !

18 + I like visiting these websites:

19 + My favorite subject is: Computers!

20 + My least favorite subject is: geography

21 + When I’m not at school you’ll probably find me: In

22 + I’m there a lot because: I train all week days tenis


24 + This summer I : Most of the time i was with my friends, but i also went to chapala with my friends and family, stay at home playing tenis with my family and friends. I also went to tenis tournaments in San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes, Queretaro, Guadalajara and Leon.

25 + I read ___ 0_ ______ books this summer:

26 + Three stores I shopped in this summer:

27 + If I was given a lot of money, I would buy: Clothing I pad Tenis raquets and other tenis stuff I will go to a trip Decorations for my room Shoes and accesories

28 + … If I could meet one living person it would be: JUSTIN BIEBER!

29 + Here’s to a great year!

30 + My autograph:

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