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I am Monse Romero I am Monse Romero Meet Me. At home…

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1 I am Monse Romero I am Monse Romero Meet Me

2 At home…

3 I usually wake up around 6:40 a.m. at school days

4 I usually go to bed at 9:00 or 10:00 in school days

5 Before I go to bed I draw something (: I drew that before bed in Amsterdam

6 My three favorite things to do at home are updating my social networks, drawing, and listening music!

7 Today for breakfast I ate pancakes

8 When I need a quiet place to relax, I go to the hammock in my garden. I use clipart because I have no images of my garden!

9 Last night for dinner I ate cookies and milk

10 Chores I do at home: make my bed, help dust off the shelves, broom the floor

11 If I were in charge, I would be able to watch 2 hours of TV, including playing videogames

12 At school

13 The last book I read was “Lets go Europe 2011”

14 If the school cafeteria serves cinnamon rolls one day I will be first in line, but if they serve breakfast sausages, I’ll bring lunch that day… VS

15 If I could make up a new word it would be “speetz”

16 It would mean ”A really distracted person”, but in a kind way, for example, “Yo, your´e such a speetz!”

17 I’m really good at drawing!

18 …some drawings

19 I like visiting these websites:

20 (That´s Deviantart)

21 My favorite subject is Language Arts

22 My least favorite subject is math

23 When i´m not at school, you´ll probably find me at Galerias or Ciudadella, maybe Andares( )

24 Im there a lot because I go with my family just to stroll around and have fun! Not because I always go shopping…

25 Vacation & Free time

26 This summer I went to Europe! (I took this picture)

27 I read 2 books this summer

28 Three stores I shopped in this summer were -“Brookstone” -“El corte Inglés” -“Swatch”

29 If I was given a lot of money, I would give some to charity, buy clothes, and a trip to Dubai!

30 If I could meet one living person, it would be Justin Bieber or Katy Perry OR

31 Here´s to a wonder-fun year!

32 My autograph:

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