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Aranza mora parroquin. home At I wake up at: 6:00.

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1 Aranza mora parroquin

2 home At

3 I wake up at: 6:00

4 I usually go to bed at: 10:30

5 Before I go to bed i: Brush my teeth Wash my face Check facebook

6 My 3 favorite thing to do at home are: Jump in the tombling Play with my dog Baking brownies with my mom

7 Today for breakfast I ate: hotcakes

8 When I need a quiet place to relax I go to: My room

9 Last night for diner I ate: Cereal

10 Chores I do at home are: fix My room

11 If I were in charge, I would be able to watch 2:30 hours of television every day. This would include playing video games, too.

12 At school


14 If the school cafeteria serves Italian food I will be first in line, but if they serve seafood I will bring lunch that day.

15 If I could make up a new word It would be: Bluum!!

16 The definition would be: A fun and happy expirience.

17 Im really good at: Lenguage arts

18 I like visiting these websites:

19 My favorite subject is: Lenguage arts

20 My least favorite subject is: World gograhpy and spanish

21 When I'm not at school you’ll probably find me at: My house

22 I'm there a lot because: Most of the things I have to do are in my house

23 Vacation and free time

24 This summer I: -help my mother in the summer camp -went to mexico city -went to vallarta

25 I read 0 books in This summer :

26 3 stores I shopped in This summer :

27 If I was given a lot of money I would buy: Cloths and I will give some to poor people

28 If I could meet a living person would be: Justin biber

29 Here’s to a fantastic year!!

30 My autograph: Aranza mora p.

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