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1 Kovan Rizgar Present Continuous 1

2 بەردەوام (Present continuous) am / is / are + v. ing

3 Examples I am eating. We are writing. She is reading. It is raining.

4 Extra Examples The phone is ringing. (=now) Please be quiet, I am working. (=now) They are playing in the park. (=now) We’re having dinner. Can you phone again later?

5 Vocabulary Come = coming Write = writing Dance = dancing Run = running Sit = sitting Swim = swimming

6 Negative You’re not listening to me. He isn’t doing homework. I’m not watching television.

7 Interrogative Is she writing a letter? Are they fasting? Is he waiting for you? Are you going home?

8 She ……….. reading a book. (is/are/am) (is) I …….. cleaning the house. (is/are/am) (am) ………..they coming to college? (is/are/am) (are) We ………. depressed today. (is/are/am) (are) Is ………. a policeman? (he/she/you) (he) Are …………. tired? (you/we/they)

9 Adverbs of Frequency Always 100% Usually 85% Often 65% Sometimes 50% Occasionally 30% Seldom 10% Never 0%

10 Daily routine During the week I usually wake up at 6:30 am. I have breakfast at 7:00 am, lunch at 1:00, and dinner around 7 pm. I often go to bed about 11:30 pm, and fall asleep very quickly. I seldom oversleep. I live alone (I live with my family.). Occasionally I make breakfast and dinner. In the summer I always have a shower, but in the winter I often have a bath instead. I never have a shave everyday, I usually have a shave every other day. I always brush my teeth after breakfast. In the morning I leave home about 8:15 am. I get to work by 8:30 am. I leave work around 2:30, and get home at 3:00.

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