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Mrs. Hilliard and Mrs. Franco 1st grade class

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1 Mrs. Hilliard and Mrs. Franco 1st grade class 2013-2014

2 Why are you here tonight?

3 ON YOUR DESK… Class schedule What to expect in FIRST GRADE
Sign up for volunteer positions **Notecards for personal questions/you to take notes

4 Our goals To supply students with academic and social skills to be successful. To provide a supportive and fun classroom for learning. To help students make friends and discover new interest. To challenge all students to do their personal best!

5 Have you been here?

6 Meet the Mrs. Hilliard Product of Cobb County schools-graduated from Campbell High School, Smyrna (1993) State University of West Georgia (1997) 16th year teaching ( 1st, 4th, and 8th grade) Married in 2002 Husband- Joe, an AP History teacher at Hillgrove High School 3 children-Ty (10), Cade (8), Audrey(4)




10 Meet Mrs. Franco Born & Raised in Tuscaloosa
Graduated from Alabama University…Roll Tide! 13 years teaching (k-5) Married to Joey, who oversees the Brookstone golf course 1 precious little boy-Will (almost 2) 





15 Our class schedule 7:05-7:50 arrival/AM work Morning Message/greeting
8:15-8:50 sci/ss/health 8:50-10:00 Guided reading (DAILY 5) 10:00-10:45 Writer’s Workshop 10:50-11:20 LUNCH 11:20-11:40 Recess/RR 11:40-12:05- Math journals 12:05-12:50- SPECIALS/RR 1:00-2:00- MATH

16 SPECIALS M-Art T-Computer/Science W-PE Th-Music F-PE

17 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
7 habits we follow to better ourselves as LEADERS. Used in class meetings to discuss how to handle situations. Referred to often during academics Can earn “tickets” for displaying 7 habits Can earn a “fish” for school-wide drawing and breakfast with Mrs. Douglas

18 The 7 habits… Be Proactive Begin With the End in Mind
Put First Things First Think Win-Win Seek First to Understand, then to be understood Synergize Sharpen the Saw

19 How can YOU use these at home?
Read up on 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,Teens,Kids By Stephen Covey Use terminology at home…”Let’s put FIRST THINGS FIRST and do homework and then go outside to play”. Ask your child often if they earned a FISH and how they might try to earn one. “Fish” will be kept in binder sleeve to enjoy and brag about. Give incentives at HOME when they show one of the habits. Ex. If they lay out their clothes on their own, praise them for being PROACTIVE.

20 HOMEWORK Start good habits NOW! Will begin in SEPTEMBER
Create a space for them to “work” every afternoon. (20 minutes MAX.)-Let me know if it’s too much. The 20 minutes should NOT include reading time. Reading Logs will begin in OCTOBER. Try to complete nightly. Phonics words – each week on the HW sheet you’ll notice the phonics words we will be focusing on for the week. It might be a blend (-at) family, it might be a vowel for the week (short e) words. Weekly tests will begin the 2nd half of the year for spelling.

21 SIGHT WORDS Students need to know 200 by the end of 1st grade
Check in binder for the first 50 I assessed . Please review those they missed and I’ll test again in a few weeks. They do not have to master until the end of the 9 weeks. PLEASE-leave them in the binder. If your child read all 50, go ahead and practice the other 150 words in the list. If they can read all the words, try spelling them too!

22 3-2-1 Report Cards 3+ consistently masters and goes beyond concept
2=sometimes 1=seldom/rarely Report Cards come out every 9 weeks **Please do not compare a “3” to an “A”, a “2” to a “B”, Etc.. To earn a “3” we must feel confident they are CONSISTENTLY and INDEPENDENTLY mastering a standard.

23 COMMON CORE GA previously used the GPS (Georgia Performance Standards). Last year we transitioned into the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM for Reading and Math. Great year to be a kindergartener!! The CORE is slowing down and deepening the knowledge of the subject area. More developmentally appropriate curriculum across ALL grade levels. Check out left side tab on the COBB web page for your reading pleasure! 

24 Behavior Calendar 1st warning- verbal
In our classroom we have established a list of rules we feel are necessary for us to be successful. We use the “flip a card” system. Think of a stop Light… Green= good, Yellow= several warnings, Red=whoa! Stop This year we added BLUE-go going above and Beyond! 1st warning- verbal 2nd warning-flip to yellow (sit out some of recess) 3rd warning-flip to red (note/ home)

25 AT HOME… Please check the binder nightly to check your child’s behavior calendar COLOR for the day. I’ve had parents that have consequences for yellow and red, as well as rewards for greens and blues. IT TAKES A VILLAGE, and we want your child to Be the best they can be…plus it makes our day Easier!

26 TICKETS Our POSITIVE reward in the classroom.
They may earn tickets for being on task, doing great work, and showing respect to others. Tickets can be cashed in for candy, toys, or passes to read to another class, or no HW passes…and the big one… breakfast from McDonalds or Chic Filet… our treat! (50 tickets)

27 Volunteers WATCHDOGS- sign up now to help out!
*ROOM MOM- Paige Freeman *Please sign up tonight if you can help Paige, can come in to make copies, want “At home” assignments, or can be just a phone call away.

28 Best way to reach us… Cobb County email…
Check the blog frequently…I do post “code words” to make the students responsible for checking it too. Great games to play too! Save it on your FAVORITES, so your child can check it too!

29 It’s going to be a GREAT year!










39 Thank you for sharing your child with us!
We look forward to an AMAZING year!

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