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Word Q Introduction and Tutorial By Amy Broomall.

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1 Word Q Introduction and Tutorial By Amy Broomall

2 What is Word Q? Product of QuillSoft Assistive Technology writing software Word prediction Audio feedback Editing features Compatible with Microsoft Word and other word processing software

3 Why use Word Q? Modern technology has provided accommodations for: Vision impairments Hearing impairments Medical disorders Mobility issues Images from

4 Why use Word Q? Provides writing accommodations for students with learning disabilities Click on picture to watch an interview with a student

5 Why use Word Q? Serves as Assistive Technology for IEP accommodations Improve productivity Build confidence Increase independence Improve word choice, spelling, grammar Promotes inclusion

6 Teacher Technology Standards Maryland Teacher Technology Standards Standard III: Legal, Social, Ethical Issues Standard V: Integrating Technology into Curriculum and Instruction Standard VI: Assistive Technologies Standard VII: Professional Growth

7 Student Technology Standards Maryland Technology Literacy Standards Standard 2.0: Digital Citizenship Standard 3.0: Technology for Learning and Collaboration Standard 4.0: Technology for Communication and Expression

8 Student Writing Sample without Word Q

9 Student writing sample with Word Q

10 Launch Word Q Log onto your computer, double click Word Q from the Accessibility menu Connect headphones or speakers if using them, or adjust volume

11 Create New User Click next on the New User Setup Wizard Open English US folder to choose vocabulary list Choose Starter vocabulary list and click next

12 Create New User Click next on the New User Wizard to save vocabulary Enter your name in File Name box and click save View name of new user on the Word Q button bar

13 Using Word Q Button bar and yellow prediction box will appear Click on options and open user on button bar Open word processing software (Microsoft Word, Outlook, etc.) by clicking on Microsoft from the Application Menu then double click on Microsoft Word Begin typing and choose word from the list of words from the prediction box

14 Features to Notice Choose words by clicking on the word, typing the number of the word, or using the arrow keys Listen for audio as you highlight each word Look and listen for example sentences next to words with arrows To view endings of base words, choose base word, click backspace and view word with multiple endings

15 Features to Notice Listen for the sentence after ending punctuation is placed Continue typing if word prediction is not needed Press Esc to delete chosen word Prediction box will disappear while you scroll through text with arrows

16 Independent Practice Complete the independent practice activity Save to public drive, 3 rd grade under folder titled Word Q Practice Activity when finished

17 Additional Features Options button My Words-Main Tab-add words to prediction box My Words-Spelling Tab-review student’s spelling of previously used words My Words-Topic Tab-create vocabulary lists for selected topics Prediction-Word List, Prediction, and Selection Tab-customize the prediction box by limiting words shown, layout, and editing features Speech Feedback-Voice and Feedback Tab-customize audio settings Hot Key-allows use of F keys

18 Additional Features Words button Click to show or hide prediction box or use Hot Key F9 Speech button Turn audio on or off or use Hot Key F10 Read button Highlight text and click read to hear what was typed or use Hot Key F11 Detailed information about additional features at Click on the Advanced Features of Word Q link

19 Next Steps Implement in classroom Visit http://amybroomall.wikispaces. com/ to learn more about Advanced features, view a how to video, and to participate in a discussion http://amybroomall.wikispaces. com/ Questions? Evaluation

20 Amy Broomall 3rd Grade Teacher Tuscarora Elementary 240/566-0086 Need Help?

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