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Leadership Forum 2 14 May 2010. Robby Weatherley R/Associate Director, Organisational Capability.

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1 Leadership Forum 2 14 May 2010

2 Robby Weatherley R/Associate Director, Organisational Capability

3 LEADERSHIP FORUM 2 - 2010 8.30am – 9.00amNetworking 9.00am – 9.05amWelcome and Overview (Robby Weatherley) 9.05am – 9.35amDirector’s Update (Claire O’Connor) 9.35am – 10.30amGuest Facilitated Activity: Rationales for internationalisation Joost Thissen and Kees Hoefsloot, Culture Resource Centre 10.30am – 11.00amMorning Tea and Networking 11.00am – 12.55pmGuest Facilitated Activity: Developing an Internationalisation strategy. Planning and Operationalisation in Sydney Institute Case study: A student perspective (Susan Farrell – student) Case study: The Samoan experience (Reg Barton, ADEP and Mark Hawkins, A/Head Teacher – Randwick College) 12.55pmClosing Remarks (Robby Weatherley) 1:00pm – 1:30pmLunch and Networking

4 Leadership Capability Development in 2010 3 x Building our Future Leadership Program 1 x Public Sector Management Forum 2 x Public Sector Organisational Development Leaders Forum 1 x Women in Leadership Conference 3 x Focusing on a Positive Future 1 x International Education Leadership Program Petersham Mentoring Program TAFE Managers Mentoring Program

5 Leadership Forum 2 Director’s Update Claire O’Conor, A/Institute Director

6 Overview Sydney Institute update Educational leadership review update External environment Internationalisation

7 Sydney Institute update New Director – David Riordan commencing late June Institute Performance Review 17 May Higher Education – registration and accreditation of Bachelor of Design (Interior Design)

8 Educational leadership review update Structure approved Two new cluster director positions at Ultimo College advertised closing 21 May ADBs provided opportunity to nominate preferred location Request to advertise remaining IM3 and new IM2 positions


10 External environment National focus remains on VET and the tertiary sector and movement of students between sectors Productivity agenda requires focus on up-skilling existing workers Skills Australia has identified the huge deficit in literacy and numeracy skills in existing workforce

11 Budget announcements Modernising apprenticeships and kickstart extension National entitlement to quality training places for <25 year olds Critical skills investment fund for emerging skills shortages $120 millions for language literacy and numeracy places

12 Internationalisation “Internationalisation is the process of integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose,functions or delivery of post-secondary education” Knight 2003a

13 Sydney Institute’s Strengths 41% of students from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds 129 languages other than English spoken by our students at home 4,162 students enrolled from 82 countries Only TAFE NSW Institute to have an international student exchange program

14 Other achievements to build on Study tours from France, Japan, Bangladesh and China Government delegations from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China and Bangladesh






20 International student success stories Hye Jin Kim Fashion Technology Ultimo at the Textile Institute Student Awards won four weeks’ tuition and accommodation at Fashion Summer School at Paris American Academy

21 Hyun Choi 2009 Interna tional Student of the Year Born in Korea Enrolled in English language program Information Technology (Networking) and Cisco Networking Academy Program 2 nd place Australia and New Zealand Cisco competition Now studying Bachelor in Information Technology UTS International student success stories

22 Staff Success Stories Xi Ping Chen – language teacher at Randwick and Ultimo 2009 Premier’s Kingold Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship – five week study tour to china Anthony Linden Jones – music teacher at Eora and Ultimo Composition performed at Maple Park Church, Lynwood Washington

23 Today is about how we can build on these strengths to internationalise our colleges, programs, and the learning experiences of our students and staff.






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