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Head Teacher Development Program Forum One TAFE Radio: p/benstarr/playlist.asx.

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1 Head Teacher Development Program Forum One TAFE Radio: p/benstarr/playlist.asx

2 Ambition in Action 3.00 – 3.15RegistrationGerard Kell 3.15 – 3.20WelcomeChristine Leetham 3.20 – 4.30The Media Centre Story Live broadcast from the Media Centre Significant change in TAFE work practices Sue Cocker Ben Starr Janet Hewson 4.30 – 4.45This week at Sydney InstituteClaire O’Conor 4.45 – 5.00Venue change to Building C, the Muse 5.00 – 6.00“Building our Future” TAFE Managers Association Jeff Crass, Jai Waters, Sue Roy 6.00 – 6.30TAFE Managers Association – Cocktails and Nibbles 6.30 – 6.45 6.45 – 9.00 Venue change to Building E “The Apprentice Restaurant” Network Dinner Andrea Poletti

3 Ambition in Action Creative Thinking …. Janet Hewson tive+thinking Creative Thinking video …. Click here 

4 Ambition in Action Head Teacher Forum and Network

5 Ambition in Action HEAD TEACHER FORUM /Information helps to drive what we know: conversations help to drive what we shape, and how we shape it. Great conversations can produce great ideas or concepts to which all the participants have contributed. /“organisation’s collective wisdom depends on conversations talking place in the ‘market place’ of ideas and interpretations. (Carr, 2008) /

6 Ambition in Action Most Significant Change (Davies & Dart, 2005) /interpreting the most significant change - what aspects of Sue and Ben’s story are of most significance to you in relation to change in TAFE work practices. /the changes may relate to process, practice or product (embedded capability) /note these on the sheet provided

7 Ambition in Action The Media Centre Story so far …. Sue Cocker

8 Ambition in Action The Staff

9 Ambition in Action Students

10 Ambition in Action The Studios

11 Ambition in Action SYDNEY TAFE RADIO

12 Ambition in Action Web Site Ben Starr with Stephan Ridgway sydNet site: /Internet site: /To listen to the stream through windows just click on the link below. / t.asx t.asx

13 Ambition in Action Significant change in TAFE work practices /Forum “space” – groups to share their stories to stimulate conversations and generate new ideas and perspectives in response to Sue & Ben’s story by reflecting on their interpretation of change in TAFE work practices /Groups to feedback to forum participants

14 Ambition in Action This week at Sydney Institute Claire O’Conor, R/Institute Director

15 Ambition in Action Venue change: Please make your way to building C, The Muse Please make your way to: Building C, The Muse, North Wing

16 Acknowledgements: Peter Brice – Head Teacher Reference Group Glen Cassidy - Head Teacher Reference Group Sue Cocker - Head Teacher Reference Group Carl Fuller – Audio Visual Technician Janet Hewson - Workforce Development Gerard Kell – Workforce Development Christine Leetham - Head Teacher Reference Group Claire O’Conor – R/Institute Director Andrea Poletti - Head Teacher Reference Group Stephan Ridgway - Workforce Development Ben Starr – The Media Centre Talaave Stowers - Workforce Development

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