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Ambition in Action. Ambition in Action Vodcasting in Education Paula Williams

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1 Ambition in Action

2 Ambition in Action Vodcasting in Education Paula Williams

3 Ambition in Action Intoduction to Vodcasting in Education /What is Vodcasting? Video-on-demand the video version of a podcast that can be syndicated and shared by others over the world wide web /How can I use it in Education? Engage visual learners, share over the web anytime, anywhwere ! /Where can I find out more? Here is a range of vodcasts / / http://www.vodtock.com

4 Ambition in Action How can I use it for teaching /Make a video demonstration of a skill that can be uploaded to the web for those learners wanting to see the correct technique. /Engage learners by emphasising a particular point in the video using narration for greater understanding and transfer of knowledge

5 Ambition in Action Could I use vodcasting for Assessment? /Encourage learners to build their learning and understanding of the skills task in a collection of short videos /Create an e-portfolio for evidence-based assessment activities that could be submitted at the end of the course /Individual or collaborative videos group projects /Identify participation by all the key players in the project eg. interviews, role plays,case study scenarios

6 Ambition in Action Where are there more resources ? /View a range of vodcasts: /http://www.vodcast.tv /http://www.vodstock.com /Creating a vodcast /

7 Ambition in Action How to make a Vodcast /Record your video simply by opening Moviemaker (an authoring tool that allows you to capture and edit your video very quickly) ensure you have a webcam /Save in various formats eg wmv file to your computer or upload to Moodle or LTM blog/wiki /Upload into and it will convert it automatically into a and give you the enscription to paste in your blog/wiki plus an RSS feed for your Microsoft

8 Ambition in Action How do I start to make a movie? /Step 1:Go to All programs>Windows Moviemaker /Step2: Access capture from your webcam (make sure you have a head set that has been calibrated to audio set up) Step 3: Click and start talking and demonstrating what you are filming as it records

9 Ambition in Action Editing in Moviemaker /You follow the prompts to add or delete sections /Insert images or other videos and text /Insert music /Save to various formats eg email, website,or computer

10 Ambition in Action Uploading to a wiki and syndicating? /Simply go to your wikispace select edit and image icon /Browse in Myvideos select your open and click /Double click on file where you wish to embed file and save. /Open wiki in published mode and view video /Select RSS feed on site and add to your Microsoft Outlook on your computer or iGoogle etc.

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