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The World Café.

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1 The World Café

2 Agenda Introduction to The World Café Methodology
The Future of OD Café Wrap Up

3 The Future of OD Café

4 Café Process There are four rounds of conversation
Each round is 15 minutes long You will begin at your home table One person volunteers to act as the Host Hostess and remains at the home table All other participants will travel for rounds 2 & 3 Travelers return to their Home Table for the final round 4

5 Café Roles Host/ Hostess Traveler
Remains and welcomes newcomers to their tables Briefly shares the main ideas from the prior conversation Encourages others to link and build using ideas from their previous conversations. Traveler From their home table, moves separately to a different table for round two Carry key ideas and themes into their new conversations

6 The World Café

7 Round One As an OD professional, what intrigues you about the emerging changes in organizations and society?

8 Preparing for Round Two
Hosts / Hostesses to remain at home table and welcome newcomers Travelers move to a different table

9 Round Two

10 Round Two What is your perception of the long-term effects of these changes on the field and practice of Organization Development?

11 Preparing for Round Three
Hosts / Hostesses to remain at home table and welcome newcomers Travelers move to a different table

12 Round Three

13 Round Three What could be the unique offer of the OD practitioner in the future?

14 Preparing for Round Four
Travelers return to their home tables

15 Round Four

16 Round Four As practitioners and members of the Houston OD Network, what part do we want to play in shaping the future of Organization Development?

17 Collective Sharing What has been most significant about the exploration of the next evolution of OD?

18 Resources
The World Café: Shaping Our Future Through Conversations That Matter by Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, Berrett Koehler, 2005.

19 Café Design Principles
Set The Context Create Hospitable Space Explore Questions That Matter Encourage Everyone’s Contribution Connect Diverse Perspectives Listen Together for Insights Share Collective Discoveries

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