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Members of the Minmetals Resources Limited group of companies (HKEx:1208) INDIGENOUS EMPLOYMENT CONFERENCE LEARN EARN LEGEND! The Century experience: Supporting.

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1 Members of the Minmetals Resources Limited group of companies (HKEx:1208) INDIGENOUS EMPLOYMENT CONFERENCE LEARN EARN LEGEND! The Century experience: Supporting Indigenous employment in Queensland’s Gulf Tuesday 25 October 2011 Greg Scanlan Community and Stakeholder Relations Manager MMG

2 AGENDA > About Century and the Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA) > Century’s Indigenous employment program > Pre-vocational and upskilling program > Forming partnerships for the future Edmond Busch, Leontay Hookey and Troy Kumsing at the NAIDOC ‘Too Deadly’ Awards in Mount Isa

3 ABOUT CENTURY AND THE GCA > Century – location, size, age > The Century community – the (lower) Gulf of Carpentaria, Doomadgee, Mornington Island, Normanton, Karumba, Burketown > Century’s indigenous employment record and key ingredients for success: Commitment Resources Programs

4 CENTURY’S COMMITMENT - THE GCA > Century operates under Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA), a unique Native Title Agreement > Was the first Native Title Agreement signed under the Right to Negotiate provisions of the Native Title Act (1993) > Agreement was signed in 1997 after several years of negotiations > Parties to GCA are Century, Queensland Government and four local Native Title Groups (Waanyi, Mingginda, Gkuthaarn and Kukatj) > Applies for life of Century mine Daegan Rodgers – Century apprentice and member of the Mornington Island Dance Group

5 CENTURY’S COMMITMENT - THE GCA > Century Provide employment, training and business opportunities for the people of the Gulf (Provide training opportunities that lead to meaningful employment for local people in the mining industry and wider community) Identify and protect sites of cultural significance Gradually transfer five pastoral leases to local Indigenous ownerships Provide compensation for continued land access Regularly engage and communicate with Gulf communities > Queensland Government Contribute to cultural and social improvements by providing services and infrastructure > Indigenous Peoples’ Role Allow full access to the area for Century to conduct its operations Reg, Mandy, Tyrone and Tonya Hookey at the first MMG Business Forum in 2010

6 RESOURCING THE GCA COMMITTMENT > At Century, Indigenous employment and training is everyone’s responsibility > Leadership, mentoring and apprenticeship and training support by Community and Stakeholder Relations team > Team includes: – Superintendent – Apprentice and Trainee Coordinator – Three mentors – CSR Coordinator – Two Community Relations Advisors and a Stakeholder Relations Advisor – Three community-based liaison officers – Part time counsellor – Literacy and Numeracy trainer Troy Kumsing was a finalist in the Mining Industry Skills Centre Apprentice of the Year Awards in 2010 and took out Apprentice of the Year at the NAIDOC ‘Too Deadly’ Awards in Mount Isa this year

7 KEY GCA PROGRAMS EMPLOYMENT > Positive discrimination for GCA people. > Look to local communities first to fill entry level positions or where training can be provided on-site. (Non-technical and unskilled roles) > All traineeships and apprenticeships filled by GCA eligible persons > Pre-vocational program to prepare trainees and apprentices for full time roles. > On and off-site assistance – Community Liaison Officers in Mornington Island, Doomdagee and Normanton – Support employees and their families > Mentoring, L&N support and counselling service Queensland Reds players talking to students at Doomadgee State School in 2010

8 INDIGENOUS EMPLOYMENT PRE-VOCATIONAL PROGRAM > 12-week program prepare young Indigenous people to commence a full time role at a mine Site. > The program includes: – Self awareness and self development at Beyond Billabong – Inductions and learning about mining – Literacy and numeracy support – TAFE modules such as MNM201A Work Safely and MNMC202A Communicate in the Workplace – Health and hygiene and budgeting advice – Work experience in different areas Celebrating the success of our trainees and apprentices at an event in 2010 – Cross cultural awareness > Three courses of about 15 participants per year. > Up to 100 trainee and apprentice positions at about 12% of the total workforce numbers.

9 INDIGENOUS EMPLOYMENT UP-SKILLING PROGRAM > Community feedback told us people weren’t able to transfer heavy vehicle skills gained at mine to own communities or other operations > Up-skilling program allows local and local Indigenous employees to gain formal qualifications in heavy vehicle operations > Formal skills gained in operation of graders, front end loaders, excavators, dozers and rollers > More than 50 people have gained or are working towards gaining formal qualifications

10 MMG CENTURY The Future > Century’s current mine life is to approximately 2015 > Improve existing programs – social and life skill vs Cert 2 formal training, social programs (school attendance) to improve employment prospects > Transition and mainstream workforce – training agreements, work placements (IEA), utilise suppliers for indigenous roles (Komatsu, Blackwoods), ticketed training > Go hard to the end – maximise opportunities

11 CENTURY STORY SUMMARY > Century shows that the mining industry is uniquely positioned to support Indigenous employment (locality, resource capacity, job types and needs) > Supported employment is key to ensuring good employment outcomes.. > Our story is not perfect but we are learning > Developing a community that provides a school connection.


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