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‘Inspiring Young Lives’ Programmes Brief Lee Potter H4H Partnership Manager.

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1 ‘Inspiring Young Lives’ Programmes Brief Lee Potter H4H Partnership Manager

2 Scope  Help for Heroes Partnership  Trust Programmes  Benefits  Contact

3 Help for Heroes Partnership  Set up in 2010 for 2 year pilot  Majority funded by Help for Heroes  Opportunities to place WIS on TEAM programme in ATL/TL role  Tri-Service focus, all ranks and ages  Mutual benefit to WIS/Young person  Part of GRoW/IRP Recovery pathway  Serving WIS and Veterans from 2001

4 Help for Heroes Partnership  New strategy 2012 – –£186,000 to Extend Partnership to 2015 –Expand Opportunities beyond TEAM –Expand target group to: Those not yet transferred into Recovery System Those already in the Recovery System Veterans from 2001 –Individually tailored training ready for employing

5 Help for Heroes Partnership New strategy 2012 (cont)– –Tailor the experience to fit with IRP/GRoW –Maintain the relationship beyond ‘Transition’ and discharge – Alumni scheme –Multiple opportunities as a direct result of the programs (Joint Venture)

6 Benefits to participant: Softer Skills  Increased confidence  Increased self-esteem  Supportive working environment outside of the military  Satisfaction from helping others  Develop strategies to manage difficult situations

7 Benefits to participant: Softer Skills  Opportunities to explore vocational avenues  Attitudinal Change Techniques/Interventions  Enrole on The Princes Trust’s other programmes Performance PotentialPsychology = -

8 Benefits: Current Qualifications  Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM): –ILM Level 2 in ‘Team Leading’ (£230) –ILM Level 3 in ‘First Line Management’ (£250)  Placement Funding: –Still Serving-Free –Veteran-H4H funded  CV/Prince’s Trust recognition

9 Benefits: Current Qualifications  Some Delivery Partners fund Team Leader training and Numeracy, Literacy Level 1&2  Bespoke training courses towards meaningful & gainful employment supported and funded.

10 Opportunities for WIS personnel Full Time:  Assistant Team Leader (ATL) –Location – UK wide –Duration 12-18 weeks –Notice to placement – 1 week – 6 months –CRB Enhanced Disclosure check  Team Leader (TL) –Duration 16 weeks –ATL role a pre-requisite

11 Opportunities for WIS personnel Part Time:  Employed Participant as a Team Member (EP) –Location – UK wide –Duration 1 day; 1 week; 4 weeks; 12 weeks –Tailored Package case by case –Early stages of recovery Pilot –CRB Enhanced Disclosure check in some cases

12 Opportunities for Veterans: ……when discharged and unemployed:  Up to £5k for 3 months as an ATL on the Team Programme. ……if under 25yrs and unemployed:  Other Trust programmes: – Progression Mentor (2 day Cse; min time commitment) – Get Into (2-6 weeks for specific sector; construction….) – Development Awards (<£500 grant) – Enterprise (business start-up and mentoring) up to 31yrs

13 Case Study  Pte Owen Pick, 1 R Anglian ATL role on TEAM (Jan 12)  IED injury – Lower leg amputee.  “Doing this course has made me realise that yes I may have lost my leg but I have not really had it that bad compared to what some of the guys on the course had had to go through while growing up”  ”Go for it! You will not regret it”.

14 Case Study  Ethan Grant, Ex-Navy. ATL role on TEAM (Dec 11)  Medical discharge - back.  “The Prince’s Trust has helped me to make very important decisions as to what I really want to do with my career”  “The greatest reward was to see the change in each of [the Team members] them”.

15 Case Study  Cpl Stevie McCue RTR. 20 day role with TEAM  Viking IED injury.  “Really enjoyable”.....“gave me the chance to feel as if I was achieving something”.....“I have learnt patience, that I didn‘t really have before”......”It gives you a lot of self-confidence back”.....”I would love to go on and do the full time role”.

16 Case Study  LCpl Scott Galey REME. ATL role with TEAM  IED Injury – fractured spine; unable to walk.  “it has not just given me a confidence boost; it has given me a real purpose over the last few months”... “It has shown me that there is more out there if I can’t return to the Army”


18 Help for Heroes webpage: http://www.princes- p_for_heroes.aspx

19 The Princes Trust Links http://www.princes- ogrammes.aspx http://www.princes- or_heroes.aspx

20 Support Information  Help for Heroes Partnership Manager  Lee Potter  Telephone: 0207 543 1298  Mobile: 07940 725500    DIN(2012DIN01-009)  All PRCs/PRUs and PROs

21 Any Questions?

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