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2 DYSPHAGIA PRODUCTS & UPDATES PLASTIC COATING SPECIALISTS (an alternative to the maroon care spoons for meal assisted clients) Product Description This Perth based company is able to plastic coat any metal spoon (to prevent enamel damage for people with a bite reflex). The coating is approximately 1.5 mm to 2.0mm thick. It is food safe and is available in a range of colours: black, yellow, grey and white. Supplier Details BPC Plastic Coating Specialist (Phone: 9272 8911) Unit 22 / 86, Beechboro Rd BAYSWATER WA Cost $2.00 per spoon with no minimum order (price current as of Feb 09).

3 DYSPHAGIA PRODUCTS & UPDATES cont... FLAVOUR CREATIONS CUPS - $8.95 each from the Flavour Creations Rep (Craig Fordham – 0430 219 099) - He will invoice your organisation – prefers to deliver in bulk. -Battery operated, creates a vortex effect for easy mixing (Level 150 – Level 400 only). Measurement on side – 185mls (for Easy Thick only).

4 DYSPHAGIA PRODUCTS & UPDATES cont... FLAVOUR CREATIONS PRE-MIXED THICKENED DRINKS Suitable for freezing. When ice blocks melt they return to the determined thickened fluid level – they don’t melt and change into a thin liquid!

5 RESOURCE SHARING Videofluoroscopy (VFS) - Demo of ‘3D Swallow’ ( NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PURCHASE! -Dynamic Swallow CD (~$140), available from Clear Digital Vision, PO Box 117, Campbelltown, South Australia 5074 -Interest Group to develop videofluoroscopy package (protocol/templates/information pack) at next meeting.

6 LIT REVIEW – GORD References Sullivan P.B. (2008) Gastrointestinal disorders in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews 14: 128-136. De Veer et al. (2008) Symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease in severely mentally retarded people: a systematic review. BMC Gastroenterology 8. Available from:

7 LIT REVIEW - GORD 70% of children and adults with neurological impairment experience GORD. This has been attributed to neuromuscular incoordination of LES (from CNS dysfunction caused by insult to the developing, immature brain),  intra-abdominal pressure secondary to spasticity, seizures and scoliosis. The main symptom of GORD in the ‘normal’ population manifests itself usually as pain / heartburn. People with a low IQ are not able to communicate these symptoms readily. Symptoms of GORD for this population are therefore different. Key indicators have been identified to improve screening for GORD: i) vomiting, ii) rumination, iii) hematemesis, iv) use of anticonvulsant drugs, v) IQ < 35. Other relevant indicators are dental erosion, depression and change in behaviour. There was no clear evidence that behavioural symptoms such as crying / irritability were reliable clinical markers for the presence of GORD.

8 NEW BUSINESS ITEMS DSC Team to collate information about wheelchair accessible videofluoroscopy sites available in Perth metro area (and any associated costs/booking requirements). Lisa McAllister to invite representatives from PMH and RPH to next interest group to discuss VFS referral protocols and requirements for each site. Charlene Freedman to email group with dysphagia list server details. Karin Adams to research information on the ‘Swallow Safely’ package.

9 NEXT MEETING: 13 th May- 1.30pm at Therapy Focus Suite 5, 1140 Albany Highway, Bentley AGENDA FOR NEXT MEETING DYSPHAGIA PRODUCTS / UPDATES Members to bring a range of dysphagia cookbooks to share (and any info about where to purchase). INFORMATION PACKS Continue to develop VFS resources / templates. LIT REVIEW Gillian Cox to bring articles to critique as a group. WORKSHOP PLANNING Start planning interagency workshop


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