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Order Lifecycle Visibility for Alcatel-Lucent August 2009.

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1 Order Lifecycle Visibility for Alcatel-Lucent August 2009

2 The OLV Process 2

3 About the Alcatel-Lucent OLV Document Process Order updates Orders Alcatel-Lucent sends your order information to the Order Lifecycle Visibility system. You can set up the system to send you email notifications when new or changed orders arrive. OLVOLV Alcatel- Lucent Supplier Email Alerts 3

4 Order updates Orders OLVOLV Alcatel- Lucent Supplier About Order Lifecycle Visibility When you connect to Order Lifecycle Visibility, you will be able to view and print Alcatel-Lucent’s orders. You can also download them to a spreadsheet. 4 ViewView PrintPrint DownloadDownload Orders

5 About Order Lifecycle Visibility When it is time to prepare an invoice for the products that Alcatel-Lucent ordered, you access OLV and create and submit your invoice. 5 Invoices OLVOLV Alcatel- Lucent Supplier ViewView PrintPrint DownloadDownload Orders

6 Common Questions 6

7 Why should I take the GXS Webinar OLV training? The training covers how to register for OLV, how to setup your account and manage alerts, and describes the order/invoice process flow. It also shows you how to access orders, how to create invoices, and how to locate rejected invoices. Do I have to use OLV? What if I already have an EDI system? Alcatel-Lucent requires electronic invoicing which mandates electronic setup of all orders. You cannot do one without the other at this time. If you already do EDI with Alcatel-Lucent, you will need to review whether you can go fully EDI or use OLV only with them since the criteria for doing so depends on various criteria. Please contact Alcatel-Lucent directly to discuss. 7

8 Common Questions What are the charges to the supplier to use the OLV system? There are no charges to the supplier for exchanging documents in the Alcatel-Lucent OLV community. When will Alcatel-Lucent orders become available in the OLV system? After July 23rd, Alcatel-Lucent will send orders and receive invoices through the OLV system for the suppliers in this roll-out. How do I get the Trading Grid registration information? You should have received the Trading Grid registration invitation. If not, send an email to 8

9 Common Questions I registered but didn’t encounter some of the screens you said I would…why not? Why didn’t I get a confirmation email after registering? Your registration didn’t process correctly. During the initial registration steps you may be shown a page with a list of similar companies and the message “A company with this name and location already exists”. This means your company (or a division of your company) has already registered for Trading Grid. If you select to associate yourself with this company, your registration will error out so that you won’t get the pricing screens, for example. Please contact GXS ( for assistance. Refer to the Registration Guide posted in the GXS/ALU website for how to correct this situation and register 9

10 Common Questions (continued) What if I forget my password? – Go to the Trading Grid login page. – Choose the Forgot Password? link. – First, the system will ask you for your Trading Grid User ID. – Next, the system will ask you to answer your password recovery questions. – After confirming your responses, the system will send you an email providing a temporary password. – Login with your User ID and temporary password. 10

11 Common Questions (continued) What if I lock myself out of my Trading Grid account? –If you make 5 unsuccessful attempts to login to your Trading Grid account, you will be locked out of the system. –Contact your company’s Trading Grid Company Administrator or another user at your company that has the Account Manager privilege. Users who have the Account Manager privilege can unlock a locked user account. –If you are the supplier Company Administrator and no other user has the Account Manager privilege, contact the GXS Help Desk. 11

12 Next Steps 12

13 Summary of Getting Started Tasks Register for OLV. –Creates a Company Profile for your company. –Creates a user account for your company’s Trading Grid/OLV Company Administrator, who can then complete the next three tasks. Set up account service contacts (if needed). Establish the Supplier Alert Management settings that enable the OLV email notifications. Invite or set up additional user accounts for others in your company to access the service. 13

14 SupportSupport 14

15 Contacting Technical Support – U.S. and Canada When you contact GXS:  Have your company name, phone number, and your Client ID ready. (If you don’t have a Client ID, you can provide your name.)  Identify that you are using Order Lifecycle Visibility.  Provide a detailed description of the problem.  Call 1-800-EDI-CALL (1-800-334-2255). After you hear the welcome message, press 2029.  Support is available from 8:00 - 20:00 ET, Monday - Friday. After business hours, calls roll to voicemail and will be returned during the next business day.  You can also send an email to: To contact GXS for assistance with Order Lifecycle Visibility: 15

16 Customer Support in Other Countries You can obtain phone numbers and email contacts for Customer Support in other countries by accessing the support information provided on the GXS web site. Europe: Asia/Pacific: Latin America : 16

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