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Integrated Receivers for the SKA Suzy Jackson (CSIRO ATNF – Macquarie)

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1 Integrated Receivers for the SKA Suzy Jackson (CSIRO ATNF – Macquarie)

2 Background Need for cheap receiver emerged from Luneburg Lens proposal. Project parameters developed in conjunction with Peter Hall (CSIRO/ISPO), Neil Weste (CISCO), Arnold van Ardenne (ASTRON) and Jeffrey Harrison (Macquarie). Development conducted as joint CSIRO/Macquarie PhD project. Currently unique international SKA project.

3 Project Rationale Similar receiver requirements identified across all SKA proposals –Large N small D – one receiver per element –Small N Large D – many receivers per antenna (Focal Plane Array) to meet Field of View requirements. Cheap highly integrated receivers thus SKA enabling technology “Generic” prototype useful internationally across wide range of demonstrators – SKAMP, NTD, EMBRACE…

4 CMOS for RF? Advantages: High integration levels Low wafer costs Low power Ability to integrate digital logic Strong industry cost & performance drivers (wireless networking, mobile phones) Detractors: Lossy substrate – poor quality passives Currently lower f T (higher noise) than GaAs & InP Less mature technology (modelling issues)

5 Noise Considerations T N(min) scales with f T. Newer processes promise higher f T, hence lower noise at given frequency. Deriving T N(min) for MOS transistors (Lee 1998):

6 CMOS Technology Trends

7 Implying (Disclaimers Apply)

8 Project Overview Design and construct 0.18µm RF-CMOS Integrated Receiver: RF frequency range 500 – 1700 MHz. T sys < 50K (uncooled). Instantaneous IF bandwidth 500 MHz. ~40dB (6 – 8 bits) dynamic range. Complete antenna to bits implementation. Ambitious specifications for CMOS technology.

9 Block Diagram

10 Some Results So Far LNA Using active noise cancelling for matching transistor (Bruccoleri 2004).

11 Next Steps Design & layout mixer, IF amps, IF filter, & sampler as individual components. 1 st wafer run end 2004. Integrate components. 2 nd wafer run mid-late 2005. Final product 2006.

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