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Jeff Braun, Agrilink Agricultural Consultants Pty Ltd

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1 Jeff Braun, Agrilink Agricultural Consultants Pty Ltd
The year that was…

2 What’s happened in the last 12 months at the MNHRZ
First official winter walk Most successful field day to date Facilitated session with Jeanette Long Completed our first 2 year trial Combined trials presentation and AGM First hardcopy of trial results produced


4 What we did well Engaging the community – “realising our place”
Trials program (variety, management, timeliness, collaboration) Organising the field day Attracting “pieces” of funding Feedback from the field day Sponsorship

5 What we didn’t do well Get trial results out in a timely fashion
Layout of the field day site for speakers Compensation for Pat & Mary Connell Feedback cycle for research priorities Few “drivers” of MNRHZ Understanding of funding and reporting requirements – documentation

6 Challenges for the next 12 months…
Funding Reporting requirements of funding bodies Secretarial position “New” ideas Time Get someone growing Sugarbeets!

7 Variety/Species DM kg/ha Coyote Sugarbeet M. elegans 7421.2 UA 47 Wheat Surrey Ryegrass 7405.5 Orion Wheat Sungrazer T Ryegrass 7374.0 Southern Green Ryecorn Jeanne Ryegrass 7161.4 Tuckerbox Triticale Antas Subclover 6716.5 Morgan Peas Kohl Rabei 5716.5 Morava Vetch Radish 5629.9 Endeavour Triticale Foxtail Restharrow 5303.1 Fodder Beet Carrots 5248.0 Wrangler Wheat 9933.1 Tanami Narbon Bean 5196.8 Cefalu Arrowleaf Clover 9110.2 M. albus 5007.9 Hyola 50 Canola 8940.9 Silverbeet 4563.0 SUN513C Wheat 8826.8 Currie Cocksfoot 4358.3 Moby Barley Elite 2 Berseem Clover 3897.6 Turnip 8586.6 Pak Choi 3866.1 YPASG Sugar Beet 8480.3 Balance Chicory 3732.3 Commander Barley 8334.6 Beetroot 3452.7 Tetelia Ryegrass 8236.2 Wilpena Sulla 3444.9 Tetrone Ryegrass 7921.2 H. flexuosum 2712.6 Winterstar 2 Ryegrass 7594.5 Shallots 2047.2 Lightning Persian Clover 7551.2

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