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Funding for Green Infrastructure- 13 th July 2010.

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1 Funding for Green Infrastructure- 13 th July 2010

2 Structure of Funding workshop Brief overview of funding sources Public sector/ grants/businesses (Pat Crosby) Maximising Green Infrastructure funding opportunities (Rob Shipway) Workshop Exercise and feedback session (Claire Newill)

3 Funding sources There are a number of different sources where you can look for funding – BUT you need to know- –what your project involves, –the timescales involved, –projects location and –what type of organisation might be applying for the funding

4 Funding sources Traditional mechanisms are- –Applying for either European or UK public sector funding –Applying through Grant giving bodies (lottery/landfill/ charitable trusts) –Attracting business/company sponsorship –Philanthropists /general public

5 Grants

6 There are a large number of funders and they have –Differing priorities –Different windows of opportunities and deadlines –Differing criteria (handout)

7 Grants SiteConditionVisitorFacilitiesPublicEngagement LIFE+ HLF Big Lottery Fund Landfill Communities Fund ALSF Charitable Trusts Community Foundations

8 The Funding Process

9 Start with a vague idea Agreement in principle internally to progress with project and bid Discussions with management and partners

10 The Funding Process Feasibility study Identification of possible funders Detailed design Business plan with outputs and costs

11 The Funding Process Preparing/writing the funding application/s (notes & tips handout) –Who is going to write/prepare the application/s? Dedicated in house staff Consultant By committee of partners A volunteer

12 The Funding Process Who is going to be the lead organisation? Is your organisation best placed to submit the application and lead on the project? Do you have adequate infrastructure and project management capabilities? Do you have a good track record of delivering projects? How will this project develop your organisation and others? Submitting the application

13 The Funding Process Project implementation and management Monitoring of the project and its achievements both by the project manager and the funding organisations Claiming your money!

14 Conclusions To be successful at fundraising in the long term- you need to make sure you; –ask the right people –at the right time –for the right amount of money –for the right project –in the right way. THANK YOU

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