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Bid 4 U Professional Bidding Service ‘ ‘Let us do the Talking!’ …Expert Representation Empowering Purchasers! ® ®

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1 Bid 4 U Professional Bidding Service ‘ ‘Let us do the Talking!’ …Expert Representation Empowering Purchasers! ® ®

2 B id 4 U is a Perth Western Australian based professional Bidding, Item Location and Private Treaty Negotiation service specialising in providing expert representation to purchasers by: What is Bid 4 U ?  Bidding at Auction  Locating items (New or Old) or  Entering into Private Treaty Negotiations on our Client’s behalf

3 W e will bid, locate or negotiate virtually anything, including but not limited to… What do we Bid, Locate or Negotiate? Property Mining Equipment Motor Vehicles Antiques Trucks Boats Machinery Art

4 A lthough we specialise in locating and bidding on items at Auction we also purchase: Important New & Second-hand items on behalf of our Clients outside the auction arena For example, clients often engage us to negotiate the purchase of motor vehicles advertised privately in newspapers, the Autotrader Magazine or the Quokka. And, we also conduct Vehicle Accident Damage Appraisals

5 Who do we Represent? Bid 4 U Exclusively Represents Purchasers! W e do not sell anything!

6 How are we Paid? W e DO NOT add profit margins or Artificially Inflate the lot / item’s price. In other words, the price we achieve for our Clients is exactly what our Clients pay. W e are solely remunerated by our Clients for providing professional bidding, item location or private treaty negotiation services. We do not accept any:- Fees Commissions Payments or ‘Kickbacks’ - From Auctioneers, Sellers, Boat Dealers, Real Estate Agents or Motor Vehicle Dealers.

7  A uction Bidding  L ot / I tem Location (New or Old)  P rivate Treaty Negotiation  N o Emotional Involvement  G uaranteed Client Confidentiality, Discretion & Anonymity  V ehicle Accident Damage Assessment Professional Services Offered

8  R epresentation at Dealer Exclusive Auctions  T ender at Dealer Exclusive Tenders  M ultiple Auction Attendance  M ultiple Lot Bidding  P referential Lot Bidding  L ot / Item Inspection, Dismantling, Removal, Transport, Assembly, Insurance and Security Arranged with the Client’s choice of Tradesperson, Removalist, Insurance Company or Security Specialist

9 The Best Possible Price Under the most Favourable Terms & Conditions whilst ensuring that our Clients are not:- Exploited Deceived or Overcharged Bid 4 U is Dedicated to Achieving

10 Why employ Bid 4 U ?  W e can Save you Time & Money because we specialise in purchasing at wholesale prices through Auction.  W e have an in-depth knowledge of wholesale and retail prices, market forces and auction results.  W e are able to provide a Competitive Market Analysis of many items, detailing the wholesale and retail prices as well as recent Auction Sales History.  W e possess decades of Auction bidding experience are the leading experts in our Field.

11  W e implicitly understand the Auction process, the intricacies of bidding & the tactics necessary to bid successfully.  W e maintain extensive industry contacts and can locate virtually anything.  W e have the expertise and specialist test equipment to thoroughly appraise vehicles for repaired accident damage.  W e can bid at Dealer Exclusive Auctions.  W e are Expert Negotiators.  A s a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer we have the advantage of being able to negotiate expert to expert and dealer to dealer.

12  W e exclusively represent purchasers and are totally independent.  W e guarantee Confidentiality, Discretion and Anonymity.  W e offer a wide range of Professional Bidding services including:- Multiple Auction Attendance Multiple Lot Bidding Preferential Lot Bidding  A s part of our Professional Fee we conduct all the relevant checks, such as REVS checks, undertake all bidder registrations and complete all associated paperwork.

13  W e offer individually tailored services to suit every situation and budget.  W e provide Obligation FREE Client Consultations.  W e can arrange lot / item inspection, dismantling, removal, transport, assembly, insurance and security with the Client's choice of tradesperson, removalist, carrier, insurance company or security specialist.  W e are able to recommend a wide range of trusted services including; finance brokers, mechanics, removalists, insurance companies and security specialists.

14 1. I ndependence 2. N iche Market Expertise  Bidding At Auction  Lot / Item Location  Lot / Item Evaluation  Vehicle Accident Damage Appraisal  Private Treaty Negotiation 4. A nonymity 5. I ndividually Tailored Services 6. C lient Commitment 5 Factors That make us Unique

15 B id 4 U operates on a ‘First-Come-First- Served’ Basis and we will only ever provide professional representation to one Client for any particular lot at a time, however, we reserve the right to bid or negotiate on different lots or items at the same auction or sale on behalf of separate Clients. For example; Bid 4 U will only bid at auction for lot 100 on behalf of Client A, but we reserve the right to bid on lot 150 on behalf of Client B, and negotiate the purchase of lot 200 on behalf of Client C. A ll business dealings with Bid 4 U must be on a written Contract – which is also a legal requirement for all motor vehicle purchases. How we Operate

16 Professional Fees W e charge an Attendance Fee for Bidding at Auction or Entering into Private Treaty Negotiations on our Client’s behalf or a Location Fee where we are contracted to locate a lot or item and Bid or Negotiate its purchase. W e charge a Success Fee - calculated as a scaled percentage of the Hammer or Purchase Price - on each Lot of Item that we successfully bid or negotiate. 20% of our Total Fee (subject to a minimum charge) is payable upfront to engage our professional services and is non-refundable. The 80% Balance is Only Payable where we are successful…which is our incentive to succeed.

17 Location W e are located at 201 Wright Street, Cloverdale WA 6105. Please log onto our website at and go to ‘Location Map’ under ‘Contact Us’.

18 Contacting Us Y ou can contact us via conventional methods such as via telephone, mobile, e-mail or fax or:- S imply log onto our website at and go to ‘Contact Us’ If you have a general inquiry, please complete a ‘General Inquiry Form’. Alternatively, if you are intending to purchase an item, simply complete the Obligation Free ‘Intention to Purchase Form’.

19 When completing the ‘Intention to Purchase Form’’ it is important to provide as much information as possible in order for us to comprehensively research the lot / item and properly prepare a Competitive Market Analysis. O nce completed, all you need to do is click ‘Send’ and a copy of the ‘Intention to Purchase Form’ will automatically be e-mailed to us. A copy will also be automatically e-mailed to you. We will then contact you within 24 hours to arrange your Obligation FREE Consultation. Intention to Purchase Form

20 ‘Let us do the Talking!’ has never been… A s Time Efficient A s Cost Effective or A s Easy W ith Total Anonymity & C omplete Peace of Mind! Making a Purchase

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