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Coversure Insurance Services – Palmers Green. Would you like to earn more money……?

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1 Coversure Insurance Services – Palmers Green

2 Would you like to earn more money……?

3 0800 1300 605 Join our profitable referral scheme

4 Introduction If you’re looking for a new and simple income stream, why not consider our referral scheme? Most of your clients will want to save money on their insurance premiums. At Coversure Palmers Green we will give you the opportunity to introduce business to us and in return will pay you an introductory commission. We operate within strict guidelines and are authorised and regulated by the FSA, so you can be assured of complete client protection. We have access to some exclusive specialist schemes, which are available to very few other brokers, and have an excellent conversion rate. We will get your clients a fantastic deal, and you get a share of the earnings.

5 Questions & Answers What do I need to do to join the referral scheme? All you need to do is display and hand out our marketing material to your customers or provide your customers with Coversure’s contact details What type of insurance can Coversure offer? We can offer all types of general insurance, from home and motor to liability and complex commercial cover (see slides 6 and 7 – ‘What we do...’, alternatively visit How does Coversure know if I pass business to them? We always ask customer where they got our details from, ensure that your customers always mention your name when we ask this question. Alternatively, we can provide you with a unique reference for them to quote. How will I get paid? We will pay you by cheque.

6 Questions & Answers When will I get paid? We will pay you 30 days after the policy inception date. What happens if a customer renews or alters their policy with Coversure? We will not pay the Introducer for any policies that renew or alter their policy. The referral scheme is only applicable to new policies. If a policy is cancelled mid-term, will this affect my payments? No – so long as the policy has been running for more than 30 days, we will not claw back any payments.

7 What we offer you... A set agreed referral fee per policy written (this may be a % of commission or a flat fee). Instant proof of cover for the client (subject to payment of the premium). Experienced, professional, local service. Free advice on any insurance matters. Discounted insurance for your staff.

8 What we do... We provide cover for all the following types of insurance Property – All Types of Commercial & Residential Commercial Let – offices, shops, warehouses & industrial premises Unoccupied – short or long term Residential Let Properties Undergoing Renovation/Work Non Standard Properties – thatched, listed etc. Packages – Retail – wholesalers, licensed trades (inc pubs, hotels & guesthouses) Offices Commercial Combined

9 What we do...(cont’d) We provide cover for all the following types of insurance Tradesmen – Commercial Vehicle Public & Employers’ Liability Contractors All Risks – inc combined packages with public liability, plant & tools Goods in Transit Tools Other – Home, Motor, Caravan, Motorhome, Fleet, Truck, Travel and many more

10 What we do...(cont’d) At Coversure Palmers Green we know that every individual and business is different, which is why we are dedicated to working closely with our clients to find the right policy to meet their particular insurance demands and needs. As you can see, we offer a wide range of policies for all sizes of business and can also assist with risk management to help keep your clients and their staff safe and their insurance costs low. A number of flexible payment options are also available. Understanding your clients’ needs is key to a successful working relationship and our experienced staff will handle all of the insurance requirements with care and attention to ensure your peace of mind.

11 Terms & Conditions 1.Coversure is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Ref 311089. It is authorised to advise clients and arrange transactions in all forms of general insurance. 2.Coversure deals with its clients in accordance with its Terms of Business Agreement, a copy of which is available upon request. 3.The Introducer is not authorised by the FSA to carry out general insurance mediation activity and is not allowed by law to carry out any regulated general insurance selling or administration activity by way of business, unless an exemption from the regulations applies. 4.The Introducer may only display and hand out such Coversure marketing and promotional materials as are supplied by Coversure to the Introducer. In addition, the Introducer may provide the customer with Coversure’s contact details but cannot provide Coversure with the contact details of the customer.

12 Terms & Conditions 6.The regulated activities which the Introducer may not perform include but are not limited to:- Providing any advice or recommendation to customers about any Coversure products or services. Collecting premiums or handling any monies in connection with insurance. Completing or helping a customer to complete a Proposal for Insurance or collect any information necessary to do so. Providing advice or opinions in relation to any claim or potential claim. Providing advice or response in relation to any customer complaint against Coversure in respect of products or services which Coversure may have supplied. 7.If the Introducer fails to comply with any of its obligations and Coversure incurs any loss, damage or liability, the Introducer agrees to indemnify Coversure for such loss, damage or liability including reasonable legal costs.

13 Commission Schedule A set agreed referral fee per policy written (this may be a % of commission or a flat fee) No monies will be payable for mid term alterations or renewals Coversure will pay the introductory commission 30 days after the policy inception date Coversure will not claw back any commission from the Introducer should a policy cancel after 30 days

14 Contact Us By phone fax or email: Tel: 0800 1300 605 Fax: 0208 882 8158 Email: By post or in person: 289 Green Lanes Palmers Green London N13 4XS

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