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Company LOGO A Property Management Proposal Prepared for (Client Name and Property)

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1 Company LOGO A Property Management Proposal Prepared for (Client Name and Property)

2 Why choose a professional property manager…. There are heavy penalties on Landlords under NSW law, here are some of them:  Entering residential premises with the intention of recovering possession - $20,000  Taking possession of a property without an order of the Tribunal - $20,000  Failure to comply with a Rent Order of the Tribunal - $5,000  Attempting to contract out of the provisions of the Act - $2000  Failure to give the tenant a copy of the Residential Tenancy Agreement at of before the time of signing and a copy of the Agreement signed by both Landlord and Tenant as soon as reasonably practicable - $500  Failure to increase a tenants rent in accordance with statutory requirements - $500  Failure to provide the Tenant with quiet enjoyment of the property - $500  Entering a property in any way other than the ways provided under the Act - $500  Requiring a Tenant pay rent by post dated cheque - $500  Failure to keep proper rent records - $500  Failure to cooperate with an investigator from the Tenancy Commissioner’s Office - $500  Unlawfully disclosing information - $500  Failure to give notice to a tenant of the Landlord’s or Agent’s address or change of ownership and address - $200  Removal of a lock or security device at the property - $200  Failure to give the tenant a written statement of costs relating to the Tenancy Agreement prior to signing that Agreement - $200 Property Management should be left to the experts…….

3 Why choose us?  We use high IMPACT, INNOVATIVE marketing to find tenants quickly  We take GREAT CARE to select the right tenant  We are committed to providing a level of SERVICE unmatched in the industry  We will use a team of PROFESSIONALS who are SPECIALISTS to manage your investment  We use FULLY DOCUMENTED, DETAILED POLICIES and PROCEDURES to ensure consistently great service  We will COMMUNICATE with you regularly to keep you fully informed on all important matters relating to the leasing and management of your property

4 We deliver by…  Using a HIGH IMPACT marketing program to find tenants quickly  As soon as you list with us we will put your property on our website (with over (insert number) page views each month) making it open for inspection 24 hours a day 7 days a week  We will also put it on,, and ensuring over 70% of all people using the internet for real estate have access to your property  We have designed our award winning newspaper advertising to be high impact to attract maximum attention to your property  We distribute over 1,000 copies of our weekly rental magazine throughout our market area  We maintain a large database of potential tenants who are automatically notified when a property becomes available  We can offer floor plans and virtual tours of your property  We have a dedicated 1-300 number manned 7 days a week to take enquiries from potential tenants

5 We deliver by…  MAXIMISING your rental income  We use highly skilled New Business Managers and Leasing Consultants who SPECIALISE in assessing the market rental value of properties based on;  Market conditions  Comparable property rents  Vacancy factors  General condition of the property  Tenant quality and the length of their tenancy  Our specialist Leasing Consultants will ACTIVELY SELL your property to prospective tenants

6 We deliver by…  Carefully selecting the RIGHT tenant  All prospective tenants are thoroughly SCREENED using our 4 stage screening process 1.100 point ID check (similar to the banks) 2.Employment verification 3.National tenancy database search 4.Comprehensive tenancy, business and personal reference checking  Prospective tenants are APPROVED by our specialist Leasing Consultants and a Senior Property Manager before any tenancy documentation is entered into  We offer property owners the opportunity to meet and/or approve prospective tenants

7 We deliver by…  Using qualified SPECIALISTS to provide UNSURPASSED CUSTOMER SERVICE  All our staff are certified PROFESSIONALS  Our team members SPECIALISE in specific roles to maximise the quality of our service  Specialist Leasing Consultants to lease your property quickly  Specialist Senior Property Managers and Property Managers to manage your property  Specialist Maintenance Manager to coordinate and manage all repairs  Your property will be managed by a team of 3, a Senior Property Manager, Property Manager and a Leasing Consultant  Our team undergoes structured ongoing TRAINING to ensure they are always at the peak of the industry

8 We deliver by…  Doing things the RIGHT WAY  We have highly detailed policies and procedures that are followed by all team members to ensure great levels of CONSISTENT service  We will COMMUNICATE with you regularly to ensure you are constantly aware of the status of your property, your account and your tenant  We have highly effective systems to minimise arrears  Tenants paying rent by a bank account direct debit to reduce potential late payment  E-mail, SMS, letter and phone reminders  Monthly lease status e-mail to tenants

9 We deliver by…  COMMUNICATING regularly to keep you fully INFORMED  We will send you monthly or twice-monthly, easy to understand rent statements  Our bi-monthly newsletter will help you keep in touch with the important issues that may affect you as a property owner and investor  We are fully web enabled so you can quickly gain access to all of your information whenever you want on the internet

10 Extra protection for your valuable investment Landlord Insurance is something we hope that you will never have to use. However, you just don’t know when a tenant may face difficult times – it is nice to know that you won’t too. We can arrange highly competitive, comprehensive insurance cover for your property to cover things like:  Accidental and malicious damage by the tenant  Theft of items by the tenant  Loss of Rent  Legal Expenses  Public Liability  Damage to the building and contents caused by fire, storm, water damage & various other events (depending on the policy taken)

11 Your tax deductible Investment…  We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to fees  We customise our fee schedule to ensure that you only pay for the services you require  Your New Business Manager will discuss your requirements with you and design a personalised service and fee package for your property

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