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Tertiary Applications. Decision Making Several changes in your future path Best decision FOR YOU, FOR NOW Nothing pre-ordained or inevitable. Many choices:

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1 Tertiary Applications

2 Decision Making Several changes in your future path Best decision FOR YOU, FOR NOW Nothing pre-ordained or inevitable. Many choices: Full time study Part time study/part time work Full time work/Apprenticeship Deferred studies/GAP year

3 Deferment More time to think Money/Work Travel Volunteering Time out KEEP IN MIND Make sure it’s productive Not all courses allow it Exchange is an option

4 Applying = VTAC Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre Tertiary = university plus some TAFE and independent colleges Calculate the student ATARs (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank). Uni’s calculate the course ATARs Administer the application process (but don’t make the selection decision) Course enquiries - direct to institutions

5 VTAC Guide Researching and Comparing Courses Each institution has own strengths. Compare details of courses on uni websites - they may be very different! Open Days (start this Sunday) Course ATAR is result of ‘applicants vs places’. It does not necessarily correspond to what is best for you.

6 Course Codes Type 1 – eg. 25841 (CSP) CSP (Commonwealth Supported Place – that is, the cost is partly paid for by the Government) Students defer payment of their course until they earn $43,151 p.a Type 2 – eg. 53382 (DFP) Domestic Fee Place Full Fee at some Independent Tertiary Colleges and TAFE colleges FEE-HELP loan scheme available BUT 20% loan fee Type 3 – eg. 90743 (IFP) International Fee Place Type 4 – eg. 90744 Not you! Relates to 20 yo+ applying to TAFE


8 Some Terminology CY12 Current Year 12 (You!) NONY12 Non Year 12 (Not you!) Clearly-In ATAR Student score at or above which you are guaranteed a place in the course. See front of your VTAC Guide. Fringe ATAR Student score at or above which you will be considered for that course based on other criteria (e.g. subjects you studied) i.e. You are in the ‘middle band’

9 Selection Mode ATAR only (about 50% of courses) English/Literature study score + 3 best study scores + 10% of any further subjects Range of Criteria (RC) attendance at Info Evening student ATAR interviews pre-selection kits folios auditions

10 Extra Requirements Check them carefully If you haven’t met them, you won’t get an offer regardless of your student ATAR! Check dates Some take time to complete!


12 How to Apply? You apply for and deal with applications online at (not available until Aug 2!) Step 1: Register as a VTAC User Click on Register You’ll need: personal details (address, date of birth etc) VCAA student # PIN (usually DoB) Credit card

13 How to Apply (cont’d) Step 2: On the VTAC homepage click on Login You’ll need to provide information about yourself and where you are studying Yr 12 so that VTAC can match you with information on VASS You will then enter up to 12 course preferences. Can change as many times as you like in CoP periods

14 Your Preferences Think VERY carefully !! Allocate in order of your preference - not simply in order of the ATAR Per State, you may select a maximum of 12 preferences. (SATAC, UAC, QTAC etc. All on-line). You can be offered ONE Type 1 (CSP) and ONE Type 2 (DFP) course per State. Second Round offers are scarce and only made if a first round offer has been rejected by another student You must have a guaranteed course!

15 Plan B etc. Similar course at a different institution Transfer strategy Course to course One institution to another Campus to campus (within the same institution) TAFE to University University to TAFE You must be happy to “see out” the original course, in the event that you may not be able to transfer because transfers are possible but not guaranteed. Use Open Days as an opportunity to ask

16 Scholarships 3 kinds of scholarships ▫ Institutional Access and Equity (IAES ) For low socio-economic backgrounds etc.  apply through VTAC ▫ Commonwealth As above but provided by the Government rather then the university  apply through VTAC ▫ Merit For academic achievement  apply through VTAC for Monash, RMIT and Swinburne (others apply direct to institution) Download the application booklet at See Mel, Bec or Jo for help/information on this!

17 Scholarships letters Three types of advice letters sent to scholarship applicants Type A: Provisional offer of a scholarship Type B: Advice you’re on the reserve list Type C: Regret to advise … Sent out in time for Change of Preference.

18 Advisory letters Sent to you prior to close of Change of Preference indicating whether you will be offered a place. Allows you advance warning of the likelihood of you getting an offer in a particular course! Is not a definite confirmation of an offer. (This will come in January)

19 5 types of Advisory letter Type A1: student has gained sufficient ATAR. Prepared to make an offer for the stated course provided that the applicant meets the requirements of the course Type A2: prepared to make an offer for the stated course provided that the applicant meets the course ATAR. Type B1: may receive an offer in Round 2, depending on offers made and accepted. Type B2 : ATAR will be a factor. A weighting may be applied. This may vary between individual applicants. Type C : thanks, but no thanks

20 Offers ALWAYS ACCEPT YOUR ROUND 1 OFFER !! Accepting an Offer Enrol in the course within the set time frame If you accept a Round 1 offer you are still eligible for a Round 2 offer Rejecting an Offer Do nothing (at your peril!) Not a good idea, as you may not get a 2 nd Round offer Always have a back-up plan

21 Example An example for a student with an ATAR of 73.65 in 2010 1. RMIT Public RelationsRC X / Round 2 2. Deakin Media & Communications 80.80 X / Round 2 3. RMIT Marketing82.25 X / Round 2 4. Deakin (Geelong) Public Relations 60.55 Offer 5. RMIT TAFE Public Relations60.50 X / Irregular Offer 6. Monash (Berwick) Professional Communications 70.05 X / Irregular Offer 7. Box Hill MarketingRC X / Irregular Offer 8. Swinburne Communications72.55 X / Irregular Offer

22 Irregular Offers Not available to International Students For courses not on your original preference list or lower on your list than the one you were offered Apply direct to the tertiary institution Make sure you have met any Extra Requirements Can be applied for after Round 1 offers are made

23 Irregular Offers (cont’d) Overrides all other preferences Only one chance The form must be signed and approved personally by the relevant Selection Officer. Forms downloaded from VTAC website: MyInfo section NOTE: Tertiary institutions do not normally approve significant numbers of Irregular Offers

24 Need help with applying? VTAC application demonstrations held in S08 August and September Sign up through Annie in the LWC Only 24 places per session Special session for International Students

25 Important 2010 Dates 30 Sept Timely applications (registration) closes 5pm $24 (cf $84/$108) 2 Aug – 29 Oct (5pm) PLUS 29 Nov – 20 Dec (12pm) ie. “Not November” Change of Preference periods 2 Aug – 8 Oct (5pm) SEAS applications 2 Aug – 29 Oct (5pm) Scholarship applications 13 Dec (from 7am) VCE results & ATAR score available (In the mail 14 Dec)

26 Important 2011 Dates 11 Jan (2pm)Offers for overseas students 17 January (7.30pm) Round 1 offers. Enrolment pack follows in the mail. Gives details of acceptance (on-line) and enrolment (later, in person). After Round 1Irregular offers can be applied for 4 February (2pm)Round 2 offers After Round 2Supplementary offers – for students with no offer, who have given permission to release their application to all courses with vacancies (good idea!!)

27 Any Questions? Drop in and see us for more information or advice regarding VTAC applications. Our door is always open Mel, Bec & Jo

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