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Applying to Uni: it’s easy if you know what to do… 2015 International students.

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1 Applying to Uni: it’s easy if you know what to do… 2015 International students

2 Thinking about uni? Take your application seriously. Read and follow instructions. Be responsible for your decisions and actions.

3 What is UAC? Universities Admissions Centre processes applications – UG, PG, Yr 12 Int administers STAT in NSW calculates and advises NSW ATAR

4 You apply through UAC International if you are an International student doing: ✓ an Australian Year 12 ✓ an International Baccalaureate ✓ a New Zealand CEA 3 UAC International

5 What is the ATAR? It’s all about POSITION Your ATAR is a NUMBER that shows your position in relative to other students For example, if Anna’s overall academic performance is good enough to place her in the top 15% of her age group, then her ATAR would be 85

6 Fred and Laura CourseHSC markPercentileHSC markPercentile Biology70358070 Business Studies 70378068 English Advanced 70168051 Mathematics70268054 Modern History70258056 Visual Arts70138053 ATAR57.5580.00

7 Steps to applying 1 Prepare 2 Apply 3 Manage 4 Accept offers

8 Step 1: Prepare PINs – HSC and UAC Name – legal name Prerequisites UAC International booklet Choosing your courses

9 Prerequisites STAT UMAT/ISAT - Include your candidate number when you Apply Check other requirements including subject prerequisites and additional selection criteria

10 2015 International Booklet General information about the participating institutions Additional selection criteria Table of courses available with last year’s cut-offs

11 Fees and courses International fee-paying courses Not all ‘domestic’ courses are available to international students International students : - must study full-time - must pay course fee up front - must meet course cut-off and other requirements to receive an offer

12 Check out Uni Open Days Choose courses that interest you, with subjects you are good at - up to six courses, at up to 6 institutions - apply for semester 1 and/or semester 2 - preference-based system Change your course preferences later – as many times as you like Choosing your courses

13 Step 2: Apply Apply on UAC’s website at You need your student number and UAC PIN There is a processing charge of $70.00 Apply by 31 October

14 Course choices List 1 to 6 courses in your order of preference CONDITIONAL offer letter immediately (lists all courses in application - for visa purposes) Change course preferences at any time - no closing dates – no more conditional offer letters

15 UC and USyd offer equity scholarships for international students Apply through UAC for equity scholarships – check the UAC 2015 Equity Scholarships booklet Check institution websites for other scholarship options Equity scholarships

16 Selection rank Bonus points Additional selection criteria Check & Change Changing preferences Step 3: Manage

17 Selection rank For most HSC students, your selection rank = ATAR Bonus points can change your selection rank for a particular course - they do not change your ATAR Some courses have additional selection criteria SELECTION RANK = ATAR + BONUS POINTS

18 Bonus points Bonus points can increase your selection rank for a particular course or a particular institution Institutions allocate bonus points based on different criteria Examples include: - subject bonus points - regional bonus points See UAC ‘s International webpage for details

19 Bonus points & cut-offs Example – Bachelor of Sandology 6 applicants for 3 places: 1. 89 (ATAR of 89) 2. 88 (ATAR of 83+5 bonus points) 3. 87 (ATAR of 85+2 bonus points) ---------------------------------------------------------- 4. 86 (ATAR of 86) 5. 85 (ATAR of 76+9 bonus points) 6. 84 (ATAR of 84) XX = selection rank (Course cut-off = 87) Bonus points DO NOT change your ATAR

20 Additional selection criteria Tests eg STAT & UMAT / ISAT Personal statement Interview Portfolio Audition/

21 Check & Change Check/change - contact details - course preferences - UAC PIN View/print - confirmation of application - correspondence from UAC - tax invoice Add or modify qualifications eg, - STAT & UMAT / ISAT

22 Going overseas? Take your UAC International booklet, your UAC application number and your UAC PIN with you Contact UAC at: (7.30am to 12 midnight Sydney time) +61 1300 ASK UAC (1300 275 822) 8.30am – 4.30pm Sydney time

23 Step 4: Check and Accept Offers unconditional offers residency status second semester

24 Unconditional offers When? 8 offer rounds between Sept and Feb for semester 1 Change of preference by 30 Jan for Semester 1 courses 5 offer rounds between April and July for Semester 2 How? UAC website Agent email

25 Unconditional offers To get an unconditional offer you must: have the course in your preference list have an ATAR equal to or higher than the course cut-off meet other course requirements You can get multiple offers, but only one offer per institution in each offer round

26 Residency status Advise changed residency status – to UAC if BEFORE offer – to institution if AFTER offer accepted If applications closed, wait until next admission period and apply in UAC undergraduate

27 Summary 1 Prepare 2 Apply 3 Manage 4 Accept offers

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