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Applying to Uni: it’s easy if you know what to do…

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1 Applying to Uni: it’s easy if you know what to do…

2 Thinking about uni???  It’s a big decision … uni isn’t for everyone  Take your application seriously … read and follow instructions  Be responsible for your decisions and your application

3 What is UAC? Universities Admissions Centre  processes applications for: – undergraduate courses – some postgraduate courses –educational access schemes (EAS) –equity scholarships on behalf of participating institutions  administers STAT in NSW  Calculates the ATAR in NSW and sends advice to HSC students

4 What is the ATAR?  It’s all about POSITION – it’s a NUMBER that shows your position relative to other students  For example, if Ann’s overall academic performance was good enough to place her in the top 15% in her age group → her ATAR = 85

5 Maximising your ATAR  The only way you can maximise your ATAR is by working to your potential.  It is NOT TRUE that your ATAR is influenced by: - the subjects you choose - the school you attend THESE ARE MYTHS! →

6 Fred and Laura CourseHSC markPercentileHSC markPercentile Biology70358070 Business Studies70378068 English Advanced70168051 Mathematics70268054 Modern History70258056 Visual Arts70138053 ATAR57.5580.00

7 Steps to applying 1 Prepare 2 Apply 3 Manage 4 Accept offers

8 Step 1 Prepare

9 Prepare  PINs – HSC and UAC  Name – legal name  Tax File Number – HECS-HELP  Prerequisites  UAC Guide  Choosing your courses

10 Prerequisites  STAT  UMAT / ISAT Include your candidate number when you Apply  Check other requirements including subject prerequisites and additional selection criteria

11 UAC 2015 Guide  General information about the participating institutions  Table of courses available with last year’s cut-offs  Detailed course descriptions  Additional selection criteria

12 Choosing your courses  Check out Uni Open Days  Choose courses that interest you, with subjects you are good at –up to nine courses, at up to 9 institutions –preference-based system Change your course preferences later – as many times as you like!

13 Step 2 Apply

14 Apply  Uni  Scholarships  EAS

15 Apply to UNI  APPLY online at applications open early August; on-time closing 30 September  LIST 1 to 9 courses in your order of preference  PAY processing charge PRINT confirmation and payment  CHANGE course preferences up to 7 January BUT check early closing dates

16 Apply for scholarships Through UAC:  Equity scholarships – apply online through UAC – check closing dates  Others: – Merit - direct application to uni – Commonwealth – Centrelink

17 Apply for EAS Educational Access Schemes (EAS)  EAS can help students who have experienced long-term disadvantage(s) – beyond their control - get into UNI  Students can claim from 24 Types of Disadvantage from six broad categories: disrupted schooling financial hardship home environment/ responsibilities English language difficulty personal illness and disability school environment

18 EAS (cont) EAS is not open to applicants who are:  International fee-paying applicants  Claiming disrupted schooling arising from commitments as an athlete or performer

19 Step 3 Manage

20 Manage  selection rank  bonus points  additional selection criteria  Check & Change  changing preferences

21 Selection rank  For most HSC students, your selection rank = ATAR  Bonus points and EAS points can change your selection rank for a particular course - they do not change your ATAR  Some courses have additional selection criteria SELECTION RANK = ATAR + BONUS POINTS

22 Bonus points  Institutions allocate bonus points based on different criteria. Examples include: –subject bonus points –regional bonus points –EAS

23 Bonus points & cut-offs Example – Bachelor of Sandology 6 applicants for 3 places: 1. 89 (ATAR of 89) 2. 88 (ATAR of 83+5 bonus points) 3. 87 (ATAR of 85+2 bonus points) ---------------------------------------------------------- 4. 86 (ATAR of 86) 5. 85 (ATAR of 76+9 bonus points) 6. 84 (ATAR of 84) XX = selection rank (Course cut-off = 87) Bonus points DO NOT change your ATAR

24 Additional selection criteria Some courses don’t have a published cut-off.  Tests eg STAT & UMAT  Personal statement  Interview  Portfolio  Audition

25 Check & Change  Check/change – contact details – course preferences – UAC PIN  View/print – confirmation of application – correspondence from UAC – tax invoice  Add or modify qualifications eg STAT & UMAT

26 Changing preferences Change your course preferences before offer round deadlines …  Deadline for MAIN offer round Wednesday 7 January 2015  After Main Round offers (21 Jan) you can change preferences for the later rounds

27 Step 4 Check and Accept Offers

28 Check and accept offers  Accept Main Round offer Main Round offers released 6pm Wednesday 21 January 2015 Most offers are made in the Main Round Follow institution instructions carefully  Keep options open Change preferences for later rounds

29 Deferring  Institution policies differ - follow instructions  Deferred place is guaranteed  Apply to pick up your deferred place direct to the uni or through UAC  If through UAC, you can list other courses above deferred course (if you’ve changed your mind)

30 Summary 1 Prepare 2 Apply 3 Manage 4 Accept offers

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