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A Passion for Success Greetings About the …. Structure of the …..

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2 A Passion for Success

3 Greetings About the ….

4 Structure of the …..

5 A passion to be shared A remarkable history A unique setting in the heart of Québec City Université Laval at a glance International outreach Education system Programs Research Community A successful track record

6 A remarkable history Université Laval is the oldest French-language university in North America, with a history going back over 340 years.

7 A unique setting in the heart of Québec City A UNESCO World Heritage Treasure

8 The greater Québec City area

9 The cradle of French civilization in North America

10 A unique setting in the heart of Québec City A safe, livable city of over 500,000 people A cultural center A city on the leading edge of technology Just minutes from the great outdoors The ideal place to learn French

11 Université Laval at a glance 17 faculties 400 programs in all major fields 38,000 students, including over 3,600 foreign students 2,100 professors and lecturers 4,000 support and research staff One of Canada’s ten leading research universities A vast campus with a city vibe

12 International outreach A world-class institution An international leader in several cutting edge sectors Now over 3,600 foreign students Over 560 international agreements

13 The Québec education system LevelNumber of years of full-time study Preschool1–2 years (optional) Elementary6 years Secondary5 years College2 years (preuniversity) 3 years (technical) University: Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree Ph.D. 3 or 4 years 2 years 3 to 5 years

14 A wide variety of programs 400 programs, half of them at the graduate level Programs unique in North America, taught in French A choice of three profiles: international, work-study, and entrepreneurial High-caliber teaching recognized for its quality

15 Distinguished Faculties

16 A leading research university Sixth among the 93 Canadian universities A well-developed research infrastructure $237 million CAN in external research funding Three networks of centers of excellence Impressive discoveries and concrete results

17 Campus and community A vast campus with over 30 buildings Wooded, welcoming, and safe Shopping centers nearby Network of pedestrian tunnels New buildings under construction A lively and growing campus

18 Reception and integration Foreign Student Office Personalized welcome upon arrival Foreign students’ handbook Support during studies Rendez-vous Laval Université 101 Foreign student Welcome Day Mentoring programs On-campus employment opportunities

19 Services Comfortable residences A well-equipped library A huge sports complex A student affairs service in tune with student needs A wide range of services for the university community A well-developed IT infrastructure Québec’s first wireless campus

20 A successful track record One of the highest graduation rates among all Québec universities 210,000 alumni worldwide Reputed faculty and researchers Countless awards and honors

21 To find out more: Thank You!

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