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UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA. University of Craiova A HISTORICAL OUTLINE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA The University of Craiova was founded within the university.

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2 University of Craiova A HISTORICAL OUTLINE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA The University of Craiova was founded within the university center system in Romania in the second half of the 20th century, being, chronologically, the fifth university in the country, following the ones in Iasi, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara. The first higher education units in Craiova, set up after the WW2, were: The Faculty of Agronomy, in 1947; The Agronomic Institute, in 1948; The Technical Institute, in 1951; the 3-Year Pedagogical Institute, in 1959. All these institutes formed the University of Craiova. The academic community of our university met a growing evolution during its six decades of existence, offering the young generation training conditions for 131 fields, among which 62 were university studies, 49 master fields, and 20 doctoral studies, covering a wide range. The number of students registered a permanent increase, exceeding 30,000 in the academic year 2008-2009. In order to improve the education process, a special interest was laid upon the reformation of the higher education in accordance with the European Union regulations and the development of the cooperation and collaboration with other academic institutions in the country and abroad, within the European and extra-European area.

3 University of Craiova The University of Craiova is one of the most important higher education institutions from Romania, with units in Drobeta Turnu-Severin and Ramnicu-Valcea, other two important towns in the region. Due to its managerial experience, it was recognized as one of the eight state universities in Romania classified as First Level Institutions, able to coordinate the academic managerial reform in other higher education institutions. The number of academic staff and students places the University of Craiova among the first five most important universities in Romania. Research is of great importance for the academic life of the institution, the academic staff being involved both in fundamental and applicative research in all the domains. There are remarkable collaborations and common activities with numerous countries that help increase the opportunities for an ever higher research standard.

4 University of Craiova INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS The open European spirit of the University of Craiova is promoted through the converging development of the foreign partnerships in the European Space of Higher Education and through the affiliation to the LMD system, according to the Bologna Declaration. The integration in the European academic structure is carried out through cooperation programs, such as SOCRATES II, LEONARDO DA VINCI II, ALPINE, MSU –AUF, RISU –AUF, PECO. There are multiple approved projects with EU financing, some having already been achieved - Development of European Competences in Alternative Tourism, RO/2005/PL95 187/S, others are currently being implemented. The University of Craiova is also affiliated to prestigious international academic association: -EUA – European University Association, -IAU –International Association of Universities, -IAUP – International Association of University Presidents, -AEUA – Arab-European University Association, -AUF – Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, -BSUN – Black Sea University Network.

5 University of Craiova The foreign lecture offices – French, English, Bulgarian, Spanish and Italian – have an active presence within the university and contribute to an adequate climate for developing the international academic collaboration. The University of Craiova collaborates with similar institutions worldwide. The University of Craiova offers excellent conditions of study to its 33,000 students, in various fields embracing 120 specialisations. The Teaching Package includes 3 stages of academic studies (BA, MA, Ph.D) that are ensured by almost 1000 teaching staff and high technological equipment.

6 University of Craiova UNIVERSITY OF CRAIOVA Pedagogical University Education Letters Mathematics- informatics Physics Chemistry History-Geography Theology Physical education and Sport Agronomic education Agriculture Horticulture Economic education Technical education Electrical engineering Mechanics Automatics, computer science Departments Applied mathematics Applied foreign languages Arts

7 University of Craiova

8 Geography Department The Geography department was established in 1961; throughout the decades, there were various specializations, such as: -History-Geography; -Geography– Geoecology; -Geography. At present, there are two stages of academic studies, i.e. BA in Geography and MA degree (Geographical environment. The protection and capitalization of natural resources; and Planning the touristic space). All the students must participate to the trip fields organized each year in different parts of the country, depending on the aim and objectives mentioned in the curricula.

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