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UME Accreditation Update ECSC May 9, 2014 Shannon Venance.

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2 UME Accreditation Update ECSC May 9, 2014 Shannon Venance

3 Outline Review Timeline Canadian Top Standards in Non-compliance IS-16 “food for thought”

4 UME Accreditation Timeline Jan – May, 2014: ISSTF subcommittees review DCI; students prepare Independent Student Analysis June 2014: ISSTF subcommittee and ISA reports due June – Dec, 2014: re-review and revise DCI, write the Self Study Summary, act on the Self Study and ISA findings Dec 19, 2014: submit all required documents to CACMS/LCME DCI, Independent Student Analysis, SSS Jan-Apr 2015: Survey team asks for more info April 12-15, 2015 SITE VISIT ….(the EXAM)

5 Top Areas of Non-compliance- Canada IS-16 Diversity of students, faculty and staff ED-5-ASelf-Directed Learning ED-8 Comparability across instructional sites ED-24 Resident preparation ED-30 Formative and summative assessment ED-31 Mid-course and mid-clerkship feedback ED-33 Curriculum management ED-35 Systematic review of the curriculum

6 Top Areas of Non-compliance - Canada ED-37 Monitoring curriculum content MS-31-A Professionalism, Learning Environment MS-32Student mistreatment ED-2 Required clinical experiences and monitoring ED-25 Clinical supervision and faculty appointments MS-19Career counselling ER-9Affiliation Agreements

7 IS-16 Diversity of Faculty, students and staff (3.3) Diversity/Pipeline programs and partnerships The medical school must have policies and practices to achieve appropriate diversity of students, faculty, staff….and must engage in ongoing, systematic … efforts to attract and retain …. from demographically diverse backgrounds NEW (3.3)….in accordance with its social accountability mandate….to achieve mission appropriate diversity among its students, faculty and senior education leadership….can include use of programs and/or partnerships aimed at achieving diversity among qualified applicants for medical school admission and the evaluation of program and partnership outcomes


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