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1 Hall-D CB+EG Meeting Report George Lolos University of Regina May 22, 2004.

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1 1 Hall-D CB+EG Meeting Report George Lolos University of Regina May 22, 2004

2 2 JLab preparations for GlueX The need for a project office and additional manpower for Hall-D is immediate Engineers (mechanical and electronic) are necessary for Hall-D and GlueX construction and integration JLab will advertise for the Hall-D manager’s position. Elton will contact MOU groups for input on manpower needs

3 3 Limited support for theorists’ travel to collaboration meetings will be provided on a case by case basis The new THEORY division is a natural source for support for workshops Opportunities exist for CRDF, NAFTA and U.S. & Canadian- EU mobility funding Funding Issues

4 4 Prepare requests for FY2005 to be presented to the Collaboration in the September meeting Funds to finish the second pair of magnet elements to be processed early in new fiscal year Most likely, R&D levels will be around $600k R&D Funding for FY2005

5 5 Not necessary to collect university brass’ signatures this round of MOU’s MOU’s between groups and Hall-D are formal gentle mens’ agreements on contributions to our common objectives (remember, we know where you live....) MOU by the Mexican group is in the works Oak Ridge and UTenn are interested UofA, AUT and NUA will be pursued (for MOU’s, of course) MOU’s should be completed in 10 days MOU’s (again)

6 6 Go out there and recruit!!!!! Recruiting

7 7 PAMS related physics and analysis workshop in the UK in September in association with CLEO and PANDA Next Collaboration meeting is in September 9-11, 2004, at JLab Tentative dates for the Detector Review are October 21-22, 2004, at JLab Tentative month for winter Collaboration Meeting is February and we aim for Mexico (over Alex’s objections...) Upcoming Meetings

8 8 Curtis and George will take sabbaticals this Fall at JLab It’s most desirable to show increased presence at JLab together with increased research activity on GlueX hardware, software and theory efforts Elton will pursue a suite in ARC for Hall- D use Sabbaticals @ JLab

9 9 It has been proposed to consider the t=0 time reference the date of CD-0 award (I will not mention the proposer’s name) If approved, this means that the limits on CB members in the M.P. start from t=0 If not approved, a number of CB members will finish their second and last two year terms and not be eligible for re-election Alex’s four year term as Spokesman is also coming to an end and an election is needed This is a paid advertisement by the committee to re-elect Alex Elections etc.

10 10 Any other issues?

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