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CS 854 – Hot Topics in Computer and Communications Security Fall 2006 Introduction.

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1 CS 854 – Hot Topics in Computer and Communications Security Fall 2006 Introduction

2 Urs Hengartner2CS HoTCCS Overview  Goals  Organization  Paper Survey – Part I

3 Urs Hengartner3CS HoTCCS Goals  Research wise Introduce current research problems in computer and communications security Study proposed solutions Hopefully come up with new solutions  Research project  Grad-student skills Reviewing papers Giving presentations

4 Urs Hengartner4CS HoTCCS Topics (tentative)  Privacy in general  Pervasive computing  Location privacy  RFID privacy  Usability  Phishing  Graphical passwords  Trusted computing  Worms/botnets  Secure software  Electronic voting  Side-channel attacks

5 Urs Hengartner5CS HoTCCS The AOL Privacy Disaster  August 6: AOL released 20 million search queries from 658,000 users  To protect users’ anonymity, AOL assigned random number to each user “numb fingers” “landscapers in Lilburn, Ga” “how to kill your wife”  August 9: New York Times article re-identified user Thelma Arnold, 62-year old widow from Lilburn, GA

6 Urs Hengartner6CS HoTCCS RFID Tags  Barcodes of the future  Passive device that receives power from reader  Wireless communication with range of up to several meters  Tag calls out its unique number and static data

7 Urs Hengartner7CS HoTCCS Wig model #4456 (cheap polyester) Das Kapital and Communist- party handbook 1500 Euros in wallet Serial numbers: , … 30 items of lingerie Replacement hip medical part # The RFID Privacy Problem Mr. Jones in 2015 © Ari Juels

8 Urs Hengartner8CS HoTCCS Security and Usability © Lorrie Cranor

9 Urs Hengartner9CS HoTCCS Overview  Goals  Organization  Paper Survey – Part I

10 Urs Hengartner10CS HoTCCS Meetings  Time: MW 2:30-4pm Probably 4:05pm with break in the middle  Location: DC 3314  Different from today!

11 Urs Hengartner11CS HoTCCS Prerequisites  No formal prerequisites  Basic knowledge of computer systems/networks helpful  Papers range from high-level discussion about privacy to low-level discussion about stack layouts

12 Urs Hengartner12CS HoTCCS Lectures  First three lectures: cryptography/security introduction given by me  Following lectures: Two students will each present and lead a discussion on a research paper  See course website for schedule

13 Urs Hengartner13CS HoTCCS Grading  One assignment: 5%  Paper presentations: 25%  Paper reviews: 10%  Class participation: 10% Includes presentation feedback  Research project :50%

14 Urs Hengartner14CS HoTCCS Paper Review  Goal: learn what makes a good paper So that you can write your own good papers  Every student should read the two mandatory papers before each lecture See course website for papers  Every student should submit a review for one of the two papers by noon the day of the presentation See course website for instructions  (Anonymized) reviews will be posted online

15 Urs Hengartner15CS HoTCCS Paper Presentation  Goal: practice your presentation skills  Every student should present 2-3 research papers during term  Workshop/conference-style presentation Present work as it is your own Carefully prepare your slides  Figures instead of text  Maybe additional background material About 30 minutes  Send me slides before lecture

16 Urs Hengartner16CS HoTCCS Paper Discussion  Discussion follows presentation  Presenter of paper gives his/her opinion about paper  Presenter comes up with interesting questions and leads a discussion  15 minutes

17 Urs Hengartner17CS HoTCCS Presentation Feedback  Feedback is essential for training speaking skills  Every student should submit a review for each presentation by noon the day after a presentation See course website for review form Look at review form before preparing your presentation  (Anonymized) feedback will be sent to presenter

18 Urs Hengartner18CS HoTCCS Project  Goal: novel research in the area of security, cryptography, or privacy Might lead to workshop/conference submission  Free to choose your topic Instructor will present sample topics  In groups of two  Proposal: October 16  Presentation: December 4  Write-up: December 6

19 Urs Hengartner19CS HoTCCS Questions?  Teaching

20 Urs Hengartner20CS HoTCCS Overview  Goals  Organization  Paper Survey – Part I

21 Urs Hengartner21CS HoTCCS Paper Survey – Part I  Mandatory and optional papers Optional: Ideas for discussion questions & projects  Each student should present 2-3 mandatory papers  First paper will be assigned September 18 Second paper once registration has settled down  TODO: Send me list of three papers that you would like to present by September 17 Optional: Tell me why

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