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CS 858 – Hot Topics in Computer and Communications Security Fall 2010 Introduction.

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1 CS 858 – Hot Topics in Computer and Communications Security Fall 2010 Introduction

2 Urs Hengartner2CS HoTCCS Overview  Goals  Organization  Survey of Topics

3 Urs Hengartner3CS HoTCCS Goals  Research wise Introduce current research problems in computer and communications security Study proposed solutions Hopefully come up with new solutions  Research project  Grad-student skills Reviewing papers Giving presentations

4 Urs Hengartner4CS HoTCCS Overview  Goals  Organization  Survey of Topics

5 Urs Hengartner5CS HoTCCS Meetings  Time: TTh 2:30-3:50pm  Location: MC 2036A  Office hour: Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm (except for 2 nd Wednesday each month, which conflicts with School Council meeting) or by appointment

6 Urs Hengartner6CS HoTCCS Prerequisites  No formal prerequisites  Basic knowledge of computer systems and networks helpful  Wide range of papers Systems, databases, probability, hardware, usability, economics,…

7 Urs Hengartner7CS HoTCCS Lectures  First five lectures given by former CS 858 students and me Short introduction to cryptography and security Advice on giving talks Sample course projects Some previous course projects  Following lectures: Two students will each present and lead a discussion on a research paper  See course website for reading list and schedule

8 Urs Hengartner8CS HoTCCS Grading  Paper presentations: 25%  Paper reviews: 15%  Class participation: 10% Includes presentation feedback  Research project :50%

9 Urs Hengartner9CS HoTCCS Paper Review  Goal: learn what makes a good paper So that you can write your own good papers  Every student should read one of the two mandatory papers before each lecture See course website for papers  Every student should submit a review for this paper before class Using submission system, see later  You will see each others’ (anonymized) reviews

10 Urs Hengartner10CS HoTCCS Paper Presentation  Goal: practice your presentation skills  Every student should present two research papers during term  Workshop/conference-style presentation Present work as it is your own Carefully prepare your slides  Will give some advice on Thursday About 25 minutes  Send me your slides before the lecture

11 Urs Hengartner11CS HoTCCS Paper Discussion  Discussion follows presentation  Presenter of paper gives his/her opinion about paper  Presenter comes up with interesting questions and leads a discussion  About 15 minutes

12 Urs Hengartner12CS HoTCCS Presentation Feedback  Feedback is essential for training speaking skills  Every student should submit a review for each presentation by 5pm the day after a presentation Using submission system, see later Look at review form in system before preparing your presentation  Presenter will see (anonymized) feedback

13 Urs Hengartner13CS HoTCCS Submission System  We will use a conference review system for gathering and distributing paper and presentation reviews  Accessible from course website  I will create your accounts, using the address from which you send me your paper preferences (see later)  Once I have assigned papers, go to the submission system, enter your address, and click on “Mail me my password”

14 Urs Hengartner14CS HoTCCS Submission System (cont.)  For papers, you are a PC member, since PC members can see each others’ (anonymized) reviews  Click on “PC Members” and “Review the papers”  When done reviewing, choose “Finalize, I am done editing”  Now you can see other students’ finalized reviews  You need to review only one of the two mandatory papers. For the second one, set the review type to “dummy” and finalize

15 Urs Hengartner15CS HoTCCS Submission System (cont.)  For presentations, you are a reviewer. Reviewer cannot see each others’ reviews, only the presenter can  Click on “Reviewer”, instead of “PC Members”  If you are a presenter, click on “Author” to see the (anonymized) finalized reviews for your presentation

16 Urs Hengartner16CS HoTCCS Paper Selection Due Sep 19  Reading list is available on course website  Please look at it and start thinking about your paper choices  Details of assignment process will be announced in class on Thursday  Please (un)register in Quest by Wednesday evening so that I know number of people in class

17 Urs Hengartner17CS HoTCCS Project  Goal: novel research in the area of security, cryptography, or privacy Might lead to workshop/conference submission  Free to choose your topic Instructor will present sample topics  In groups of two  Proposal: Oct 22  Presentation: Nov 30 and Dec 2 (tentative)  Write-up: Dec 15 (tentative)

18 Urs Hengartner18CS HoTCCS Overview  Goals  Organization  Survey of Topics

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