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Interpersonal Communication Hi! Jessica J. Eckstein.

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1 Interpersonal Communication Hi! Jessica J. Eckstein

2 Intro to Interpersonal (IP) We communicate to satisfy needs 1. Physical 2. Identity 3. Social Pleasure Affection Companionship Escape Relaxation Control 4. Practical goals Maslow's basic needs


4 Misconceptions of IPC Meanings not in _________ More comm is ______________ No single person/event causes reaction

5 Ten Rules of Interpersonal 1. IP is 2. IP starts with 3. Chances for effective comm increase as people are ____________ 4. People comm to _________________ 5. Words don't mean things – 6. Cannot not communicate 7. W/o identification – no comm 8. Revealing self openly & honestly takes _________ 9. Irreversible & unrepeatable 10. Comm = content + relationship

6 Communication about relationships Content & relational focus Types of relational comm 1. affinity 2. immediacy 3. respect 4. control Metacommunication

7 FIRO theory of needs Fundamental interpersonal relations orientation (FIRO) Need for Acceptance Giving & receiving attention Need for Establishing & maintaining satisfactory relation Control & power Need for Satisfactory relations (love & affection) Close or far

8 FIRO Wants FROM Others Expresses TO Others NEED Need profiles last a lifetime!!

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