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Thoughtful Planning?. Session on Post- Secondary Education.

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1 Thoughtful Planning?

2 Session on Post- Secondary Education


4 Options After High School 1. University 2. College 3. Institutes of Technology 4. Apprenticeship 5. On the job training 6. Private Vocational

5 Universities/Colleges  University-”Institutes of Higher Learning” - Degree granting *Undergraduate ~Bachelor (4 years) *Graduate ~Masters ~Doctorate  College- Career and Vocational Training *Diploma (2 years) *Certificate (1 year)

6 University (Professions)  Accountant (Faculty of Commerce/Business) ***direct entry  Dentist & Dental Hygienist (Faculty of Dentistry)  Dietitian (Faculty of Food, Nutrition & Health)  Doctor (Faculty of Medicine)  Lawyer (Faculty of Law)  Nurse (Faculty of Nursing) ***direct entry  Occupational/ Physio Therapist (Faculty of Kinesiology – Graduate Degree)  Pharmacist (Faculty of Pharmacy)  Psychologist (Faculty of Arts or Science – Graduate Degree)  Social Worker (Faculty of Social Work) *** direct entry  Speech & Language Pathologist (Faculty of Linguistics – Graduate Degree)  Teacher (Faculty of Education)  Veterinarian (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Graduate Degree)

7 Approximate Entrance Averages  Architectural Studies (74-76%)  Arts (70-75%)  Commerce (80%)  Computer Science (75%)  Engineering (72-85% depending on the stream)  Humanities (80%  International Business (82-85%)  Journalism (84-87%)  Mathematics (75%)  Music (70%)  Public Affairs & Policy Management (80- 82%)  Science (75-85%)  Social Work (75-80%)

8 General Courses Required for University (Arts vs Science) Arts 1. English 12 2. Math 12 or 2 nd Language 12 3. Science 12 4. History 12 5. 5 th Grade 12 Course Science 1. English 12 2. Math 12 3. Science 12 4. Science 12 5. 5 th Grade 12 Course

9 Links to Universities  University of Victoria   University of Toronto  http://www.utoron http://www.utoron http://www.utoron  University of British Columbia 

10 Colleges/Institutes of Technology  Goal is to provide job skills  Entrance requirements will vary, for example, a Paramedic 1 st. Emergency Medical Responder (12 –week certificate of achievement obtained through part-time studies) Requirements: proof of Level C CPR & Standard First Aid 2 nd. Emergency Medical Technician (10 month certificate, with a fall start, and a practicum) Requirements: English or Communications 12, Principles of Mathematics 11, Biology 12 and a Valid Class 4 or 5 driver’s license. 3 rd. Emergency Medical Technology - Paramedic (two year diploma, with a fall start, and a practicum) Requirements: Emergency Medical Technician

11 Trades Training  Appliance Service Technician  Auto Body Technician  Automotive Service Technician  Baker  Bricklayer  Cabinetmaker  Carpenter  Communication Technician  Concrete Finisher  Cook  Electric Motor Systems Technician  Electrician  Gasfitter First Class  Clazier  Heavy Equipment Technician  Machinist  Millwright  Painter & Decorator  Parts Technician  Plumber  Recreation Vehicle Service Technician  Refrigeration and A/C Mechanic  Rig Technician  Sheet Metal Worker  Steamfitter-Pipefitter  Tilesetter  Transport Refrigeration Technician  Welder

12 Apprenticeship/On the Job Training  Pre-employment or Apprenticeship  Red Seal Program  Residency requirements and where to go for apprenticeship training?

13 Private Vocational  Examples include: R.C.M.P. “Depot” Cadet Training Program (24 weeks), Marvel Beauty Schools, The Art Institute of Vancouver  Will teach specific job skills  As a consumer, you need to check the credibility of the school and the acceptance of the school in the job market (Canadian Education & Training Accreditation Commission)

14 How to pick a post-secondary school that is right for you Remember when you pick a post- secondary school, you are not only choosing where you will attend classes, but also where you will eat, sleep, socialize, play sports, learn, and grow.

15 Factors to Consider 1. Distance from Home and Family 2. Size of the Institution 3. Housing 4. Program Availability & Course Content 5. Prerequisites Needed 6. Reputation 7. Athletics and Student Life 8. Scholarships and Financial Assistance 9. Location (Downtown vs World Unto Itself) 10. Cost

16 Cost for Post-Secondary Annual Tuition 6,500.00 School Fees 500.00 (e.g. athletics, health services, student association, etc.) Room & Meal Plan 8,500.00 Books & Materials 1,500.00 Incidentals (e.g. living expense 3,000.00 such as laundry, clothing, & transportation) Total$20,000.00 (for eight months) Total$20,000.00 (for eight months)

17 Yukon Grant Quarter (3 months) $1,200.00 Semester (4 months) $1,829.00 Times two = $3658.00 Travel Outside Yukon $1,800.00 Total for one year Sept to April plus Travel outside Yukon $5,454.00

18 Types of Student Scholarships

19 Why You Should Apply

20 University of Alberta Entrance Scholarships Marks for Scholarships Faculty Final Admission Average* 85 - 89.9%90 - 94.9%95 - 100% Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences $1,500$3,500$5,000 Arts$1,250$2,500$3,500 Augustana$2,000$4,000$5,000 Campus Saint-Jean$2,000$3,000$4,500 Education $1,000 $2,000$3,000 Engineering$1,000$5,000$16,000** Native Studies$1,000$2,000$3,000 Nursing$1,000$3,000$5,000 Physical Education$1,000$3,500$5,000 Science$1,000$3,000$4,500 Final admission average* of 85% or higher will be automatically considered and guaranteed Academic Excellence Scholarship funding of $1,000 or more. No application is required. (*Based on 5 courses used for admissions)




24 Select Universities & Colleges Outside of BC & ON

25 Website links for Scholarships

26 Monthly Checklist November & December 2013  Make an appointment or drop in to discuss your post-secondary plans with your school counsellor  Check your Transcript Verification Report to confirm the accuracy of your record at the Ministry. See your counsellor for details. The BC website is  Apply for a Social Insurance Number if you don’t already have one.  If you are a First Nations student, contact your Band Office or DIAND about financial assistance for post-secondary education.  Apply for post-secondary programs and, if required, residence. Ask your counsellor to send transcripts after you have applied to a post- secondary institution.  Record application deadlines, including early admission, for post- secondary institutions. Deadlines will vary in institutions.

27 Steps before you apply?  Know what you would like to pursue.  Know where you would like to apply.  Know what the program is called at each place you plan to apply.  Know what would be your first choice, second choice, etc. should the institution request alternatives.  Know that you meet or will meet entrance requirements.  Know about housing options.

28 What you need when you apply?  A copy of all your demographic information such as postal code, schools attended, contact persons, B.C. Pen Number, etc.  A copy of your transcript for reference including knowledge of your current marks in uncompleted courses.  A Social Insurance Number (for tax receipts to be sent to your home address).  An active e-mail address. Beware of hotmail e-mail accounts or other accounts that might redirect information sent to your e-mail into junk mail.  A credit card to be able to complete the transaction.  Connection to a printer to obtain a receipt of your application.  Paper to record any details needed for future reference such as accounts created, your passwords, and important dates.

29 Monthly Checklist January, February & March 2014  Continue to check your e-mail for correspondence from your post-secondary institutions and student housing department.  Ask your school counsellor to send up-dated transcripts as new school marks become available.  Make sure you have written or will be writing the Language Proficiency Index Test (LPI) as it is an admission requirement to many B.C. post-secondary programs. The two writing times are either Wednesday, December 1 st or May 4 th.  Check your Transcript Verification Report to confirm the accuracy of your record at the Ministry. See your counsellor for details. The BC website is EdAccess Student Secure Web. Student Secure Web Student Secure Web  Complete a Post-Secondary Institutions Choices Form from the B.C. Ministry website ( by March 1 st ). This form authorizes the Ministry of Education to send your interim grades and final transcripts to post-secondary institutions you have requested in May, if you are on the Early Admissions Program, and again in July when your Final Transcripts are complete with the BCP courses. The BC website is

30 Monthly Checklist April, May, & June 2014  Continue to check you e-mail for correspondence from your post-secondary institutions and student housing department  Ask your school counsellor to send up-dated transcripts as new school marks become available.  Be ready to register in courses at your post-secondary institution, having identified the courses you want to take and having developed possible schedules. Be ready to register on- line immediately when the institution has indicated that your registration time is opened.  Send in your application for financial assistance to the Department of Education, Student Financial Assistance.  Start cleaning out your room!

31 Things to consider prior to and in the first week of school  Plan to arrive at the post-secondary institution a number of days before classes.  Become acquainted with the post-secondary institution buildings and services.  Open a bank account close to where you will be living. Create a joint account with parents, if possible.  Purchase books at the bookstore, prior to the large, time consuming line-ups. If you are uncertain if the textbook you purchased is the exact book for your course, do not remove the plastic wrap since these books can be returned for a full refund when the line-ups subside.  RESP requires proof of enrollment.  To waive bank fees requires proof of enrollment

32 Plan Ahead

33 To keep up to date on Grad events and important information visit the Grad Information on your school’s website!Grad

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