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February 19, 2011.  Auto –Centennial-Second Semester  Baking-VCC-August to January  Carpentry-Terry Fox-Semester 2  Electrician-Charles Best-Sept.

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1 February 19, 2011

2  Auto –Centennial-Second Semester  Baking-VCC-August to January  Carpentry-Terry Fox-Semester 2  Electrician-Charles Best-Sept to June-open to both grade 11’s and 12’s  Cook-Practical and Written Test-Gleneagle, Riverside and Centennial  Hairdressing-Full year at Gleneagle  Joinery-Full time second semester at Best,  Painter-Finishing Institute-6 weeks mid June onwards  Plumbing-PIAB-6 weeks mid June onwards  Steel Fabrication-BCIT- Feb. intake-23 weeks

3  Please submit applications starting in March.  All brochures and applications are located on the district’s sharepoint site.

4  Students who are working in the trade and not involved in one of our ACE-IT programs are eligible to take their Level 1at a post secondary institution at no cost. However, in most cases I would need 4 to 5 months notice. The Level 1 training at the post secondary normally runs between 6 to 8 Heritage Woods student

5  Students who are working in an apprenticeable trade can earn up to 16 credits towards graduation. Also the hours accrued count towards their Level 1 Work Base Training.  See Brett or Doug

6  Over the last year we have had many students sign up for WEX with no intention of a career exploration. These students have paying jobs and want to count their job for credit. In certain cases it can count if it matches their focus area on the 1701. eg. Teaching swimming lessons for someone who wants to be a teacher. However, the hours can not be retroactive and a training plan must be completed by the employer. In some cases we will only count 50% of their paying job.

7  A great way for a student to explore a career!!  Must have 30 hour pre employment course  Most likely student must be timetabled manually to accommodate work experience.

8  Students have the opportunity to take any university transfer course which are available  Winter Semester-January to April  Students only pay tuition fee  Application Fee Waived  Must be recommended by their counselor

9  Reserved Seating in the following programs: ◦ Registered Nursing-Bachelor of Science ◦ Psychiatric Nursing-Bachelor of Science ◦ Dental Assisting ◦ Dispensing Optician ◦ Health Information Management ◦ Health Care Support Worker

10  Check calendar for admission requirements  Work Experience is an asset for admission  Students apply directly to Douglas College, admissions will flag SD#43 applications and will choose the best students.  We may be granted more seats than the minimum if the student’s GPA is higher than the general applicant pool.  Some of the programs have 2 intakes

11  2 year diploma program  Must have Biology, Chemistry, Principles of Math and English 12.  Work Experience is an asset

12  Fitness 11 and Fitness 12 will earn students credit for SPSC 1103

13  Preferential Admission for students taking Tourism 11 and Tourism 12  SSA Cook students will receive credit for Horm 1135  BCA 11 or Applied Digital Communication 11 will give the students the opportunity to earn credit for Horm 1120

14  Has made an effort to reach out to our district and explain their programs as well as explain the level of support offered at Douglas College

15  Light Warehouse Training-15 weeks- opportunity to obtain Forklift Training, WHMIS, and Occupational First Aid.  Customer Service and Cashier Training-15 weeks in preparing students in customer service and cashier positions  Both programs designed for students with barriers to employment

16  Recently a meeting organized with our district with representatives from each school. Douglas College has a lot of support in place for ESL students attending. Also they are planning a parent night for ESL students

17  Drawing Course offered from the first year of the Foundations Program  Admission Requirements:  Will accept International Students and ESL students that are not ready for English 12. Will still need English 12 to attend Emily Carr as a full time student.  Enrolled in 2 other academic courses  Enrolled in 2 Art 12 classes  Student does not have to be a superstar in the art area  Program will start in the second week in Sept for the course.

18  Gleneagle is hosting the District Career Fair this year  There will be many public and private post secondary institutions, employers, and associations.  You are welcome to attend please promote this event at your school.

19  Twice a year our district will be offering certification in: Forklift Training Bobcat Training Scissor Lift Training  Students will receive Provincial Certification.  This certification allows students to be more marketable when looking for a job.

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