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Primate Classification

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1 Primate Classification
Primates – monkeys, lemurs, gorillas, chimps, humans, etc.

2 Primates cont. Family Hominoidea (hominid)– great apes (gorilla, orangutans, chimps & bonobos), humans (living and extinct) Hominins – chimps, bonobos, and humans (living and extinct) Genus Homo – the humans

3 Primates hair or fur warm-blooded live young suckle infant dependence
social life play observation and imitation pecking order Common Primate Traits

4 Primate Family Tree Orangutan Crown lemur

5 Hominin Evolution Homo habilis (2.0 – 1.6mya) H. erectus (1.9-70kyBP)
H. neanderthalensis (300-30kyBP) H. sapiens (200kyBP – present) ~ 20 different homo species Human evolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Scale: Millions of Years BP

6 Hominid Evolution

7 Homo heidelbergensis Africa into Europe 500 000 – 300 000 yrs BP
primitive form of language similar tools/fire as H. erectus evolved into H. neandertalensis in Europe evolved into H. sapien in Africa

8 Homo sapiens Archaic – 200,000 to 35,000 years BP
Modern – 35,000 years BP to present Anatomically modern Homo sapiens sapiens

9 Modern Homo Sapiens Multiregional Model
Humans evolved more or less simultaneously across the entire Old World from several ancestral populations. Rapid-Replacement Model (Out of Africa) Humans evolved only once--in Africa --and then migrated throughout the Europe and Asia, replacing their ancestors mDNA evidence supports this

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