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Humanitarian Grants Program of The Rotary Foundation.

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1 Humanitarian Grants Program of The Rotary Foundation

2 Learning Objectives Humanitarian grant standards Grant types Appropriate use of funds Reporting Business cycle Role of district leadership Stewardship

3 Rotarian participation Rotary networks Humanitarian needs Stewardship Humanitarian Grant Standards

4 District Simplified Grants Administered by district leadership DDF (maximum 20% of new DDF) Local or international projects District is sole sponsor

5 Matching Grants Matched funds for humanitarian endeavors –1:1 match for DDF –.5:1 match for cash Local and international sponsors Matching Grants (US$5,000 - $25,000) Competitive Matching Grants (US$25,001 - $150,000)

6 3-H Grants Long-term, self-help benefits Integrative approach Rotarian and beneficiary participation 2-4 years Previous Matching Grant partnership 10% minimum contribution

7 Volunteer Service Grants Support travel of qualified Rotarians and spouses Direct service or project planning Eligibility based on –Defined community need –Skills and experience of traveler(s) –Lack of skills and experience locally Flat grant award

8 Disaster Recovery Master account formed Sub-accounts created for disasters Committees appointed to oversee use of funds Program focused on disaster recovery not disaster relief

9 Humanitarian projects Rotarian participation in projects Development of Rotary networks Spend consistently with TRF guidelines and approved application Vigilant oversight Appropriate Use of Funds

10 Construction/renovation Purchase of land or buildings Salaries of cooperating organization employees Cooperating organization expenses Post-secondary education International travel (except VSG & 3-H) Inappropriate Use of Funds

11 Establishment of foundation or trust Personal benefit Duplication of TRF or Rotary program Reimbursement of existing project Excessive support of beneficiary Inauguration parties or meetings Inappropriate Use of Funds

12 Reporting Progress reports are due at least every twelve months for the life of the project Final report is due within two months of the project’s completion

13 Report Content Project accomplishments Rotarian involvement Statement of income and expense Bank statement Information on the beneficiary

14 Business Cycle 1 July – 31 MarchSubmit DSG Requests and MG applications 1 August – 15 May Applications / requests approved Rolling BasisVolunteer Service Grant applications accepted

15 Business Cycle (3-H) 1 July – 31 MarchSubmit 3-H proposals 1 AugustSubmit 3-H Grant application 1 NovemberFinalize 3-H Grant application December – FebruarySite visits conducted AprilFunding decision

16 District Leadership District Grants Subcommittee: Serve as grants experts Certify applications for completeness Authorize district-sponsored grant applications

17 District Leadership District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair: Authorize DDF Submit District Simplified Grant requests Maintain DDF records District Governor: Jointly authorize DDF with DRFCC

18 Stewardship The trustees rely on the integrity of the clubs and Rotarians engaged in project implementation to ensure that funds are used effectively for the purpose for which they were given.

19 Stewardship Treating TRF funds as a sacred trust Competent and thorough supervision of the project Standard business practice Reporting irregularity to TRF

20 Stewardship Implementing projects as approved Financial review of projects Timely and complete reporting

21 Keys to Success Project meets real needs of receiving community Rotarian, club, district, and community support (host and international) Proper fiscal oversight Effective partnerships and communication Project plan with goals and anticipated outcomes

22 Resources District Rotary Foundation committee District grants subcommittee TRF staff

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