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Scholarships 101 Everything you need to know about: Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards and Loans.

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1 Scholarships 101 Everything you need to know about: Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards and Loans

2 Outline  Value of Post-Secondary  Types of Scholarships  Places to Look  Counsellors’ Tips  Checklist

3 Facts  59% of Canadians between the ages of 25-54 have a post-secondary certificate or university degree (Statistics Canada’s Historical Labour Force Review)  36% of students who ceased their studies at a post-secondary institution early cited financial reasons (Statistics Canada’s Youth in Transition Survey )

4 Types of Scholarships  Institution of Study Scholarships  Graduation Program Exam Scholarships  Passport to Education  External Scholarships (list in counselling office)  S.S.S. Common Application Scholarships  District Dogwood Scholarship  National and International Scholarships (websites)

5 Institution of Study  Each post-secondary institution will have its own scholarships and awards program.  Check their school calendar or on their website (usually under “financial aid”).  Remember—some scholarships/awards will be automatic when you submit an application to the school, but others will require a separate application.

6 Graduation Program Exam Scholarships  You need at least a “B” final mark in Language Arts 12 and rank among the top 5,000 scholarship students in BC (based on your percentage score) in your provincial exams to receive a $1000 Examinations Scholarship.  If you rank among the top twenty scholarship students in BC you will receive a $2500 Examinations Scholarship.

7 Passport to Education  Grade 10 = $250.00  Grade 11 = $250.00  Grade 12 = $500.00 The top 30 students (approx.) in each grade qualify. The money you receive can only go towards tuition. The school will mail you your passport (if you qualified) at the end of grade 12.

8 External Scholarships  Check with Mrs. Storey on a regular basis to see if new scholarships are available to apply to. She has a list behind her desk.  Apply to scholarships that you qualify for. This can be a lot of work, but worth it if you get a scholarship.  The counselling department posts a list of the scholarships, awards and bursaries available.

9 Websites and Databases  Google: Smithers Secondary School Scholarships or click herehere     

10 External Scholarships-Apply to each one that applies to you Google: Smithers Secondary School Scholarships or click here here


12 August 25, 201412 One common application form for over 180 scholarship opportunities. Recipients are selected by the donor or the school scholarship committee. Applications available in April at the counselling office. Factors considered in selection: grades, service, career choice, acceptance at PSI. SSS Common Application Scholarships

13 August 25, 201413 Opportunity to recognize student achievement in non- academic areas: Fine Arts, Applied Skill, 2 nd Language and Physical Education. $1,000 awards. Showcase Event in the Spring: Prepare a 20 minute presentation and portfolio. Ask a teacher to sponsor you. District Dogwood Scholarship

14 Tips from your counsellors on how to have a stellar application and get BIG $$ Ms. Brach Ms. Williams

15 Tips for Submitting a Great Application  #1—Start early! Put aside time each week for the application process. Give yourself plenty of time to fill out the application and to gather supplemental documents (references, transcripts, essays, etc.). Submit your application on time.

16 #2—Save everything!  Save everything! The first scholarship you apply for is the hardest. Each one after that will be easier because you have most of the information and strategies in place.

17 #3—Read the Instructions  Read the application instructions carefully. Make a checklist of all the elements required for each application—it will help you stay organized. Following the instructions will ensure that you are not eliminated (e.g. submitting photocopies of transcripts when they have asked for originals).

18 #4—Communicate Effectively  Be clear and concise. “How” you communicate is just as important as “what” you are trying to communicate. Stay on topic for any paragraph and/or essay questions. Do not go over the word limit count.

19 #5—Discuss, don’t list! On scholarship essays, do not simply rewrite your resume in essay form. Discuss the broader implications of your personal experiences and how it fits into your long term plans. Be goal-oriented. Committees look for students who have clearly articulated goals.

20 #6—Pay Attention to Structure, Spelling and Grammar Use proper paragraph/essay structure. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar. Edit, edit, edit! Proofread, proofread, proofread!

21 #7—Choose Your References Carefully!  Ideally, references should be professionals at your school or an organization that can vouch for your participation.  Assume that the scholarship committee will check your references. Keep your references informed about potential calls and make sure that their contact information is up to date.  Give your references enough time to write a reference letter.  Think about your digital reputation. Some of what you post on Facebook, Twitter, etc. may be looked at by scholarship committees.

22 #8—Use Your Built in Resources  Use your study block to research and write your applications.  Build positive relationships with your teachers…they can help act as a reference and/or with editing, etc.  Recruit parents/guardians to help you search and organize scholarship opportunities.

23 # 9 –Build On Your Strengths and Be Creative What else do scholarship committees look for?  Originality and passion—What makes you stand out from all of the other applicants?  Volunteering and/or community service—Do you give back to your community? Have you volunteered beyond the required hours needed for graduation?

24 Is it worth the effort?  “If you don’t apply, you won’t receive anything.”

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