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S CHOLARSHIP INFORMATION SESSION SEPTEMBER 2013. F ACTS The average undergraduate student in Canada graduates with $24,000 worth of debt. According to.

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2 F ACTS The average undergraduate student in Canada graduates with $24,000 worth of debt. According to Statistics Canada’s Youth In Transition Survey, 36% of students who ceased their studies early cited financial reasons. Source: Studentawards member base & Statistics Canada

3 C OSTS OF EDUCATION According to York University (Fall 2013) the following are average costs you will be looking at for an undergraduate program: Tuition $6713 (some other programs are higher) Textbooks $1000 - $1500 Residence $4702 Meal plan $2500 - $4000 Personal expenses $2200 (entertainment & other) Health Care ($241) Source: York University, Fall 2013

4 C OSTS OF EDUCATION If you plan on living ON CAMPUS in residence your first year of university will cost approximately $18,000 This means that an average four year program will cost you 72,000 ? Source: York University, Fall 2013

5 W HERE D O I B EGIN ? Begin your research early Look closely at the colleges and universities that you are applying to for their own Entrance Scholarships For example, York University offers automatic scholarships and awards, and other’s that require an application. For more information go to: General Scholarships Community Scholarships Maple Graduation Awards

6 H OW D O I F IND S CHOLARSHIPS, B URSARIES AND A WARDS ? get matched with money for school great financial planning tools here provides interactive planning tools to help you make important decisions about saving for, selecting and financing your post secondary education College/University Financial Aid Office Websites

7 M YTH : S CHOLARSHIPS ARE JUST FOR “ BRAINIACS ” Real students DO win real money There are thousands of scholarships and awards that reward students for non-academic attributes: Being creative Being tall Being nice Volunteering Playing hockey, soccer etc. Where you live Your heritage or what languages you speak Entering a contest, responding to a survey Source:

8 W HAT TYPE OF STUDENTS ARE SCHOLARSHIP PROVIDERS LOOKING TO REWARD ? In addition to academic success and financial need, scholarship providers look for applications who can demonstrate: Originality and Passion – what makes you stand out from all the other applicants? Volunteering & Community Service – do you give back to the community? Have you volunteered beyond the 40 hour requirement? Leadership & Initiative – are you a founding member or have you taken an active role in a club or organization? Talent – Do you have a vision? Scholarships reward fresh thinking and new ideas Special targeted areas – specific heritage or cultural background, gender, special needs, geography and more Source:

9 S TUDENT LOANS OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) You can apply for OSAP once you accept a program (mid to late June) OSAP is only meant to supplement one’s educational costs, not pay entirely On average, students receive $7000 - $8000 if they qualify for OSAP – only in special circumstances will a student receive the full $11, 900 York University OSAP Presentation

10 S CHOLARSHIP TIMELINES The Guidance Department will post and announce scholarships on a regular basis from September to June. All of this information can also be found at Additional information related to Scholarships may be found on the bulletin board directly outside of guidance. Students applying for scholarships are reminded it is your responsibility to meet all deadlines. There are an abundance of scholarship opportunities available; we encourage you to go on these sites, see what is out there, and apply to as many as possible.

11 S CHOLARSHIP TIMELINES Make an appointment with your Guidance counsellor to ask questions about the process or get help with up-coming applications Organize your documents early (transcript requests, letters of references) Don’t wait until the last minute – start your work well ahead of deadlines

12 M APLE HIGH SCHOOL AWARDS Check the Maple HS website to look for information about applying for the Graduation Awards. These applications will be due in May. Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award Director’s Achievement Award Roy Foss Leadership Award The Student Trustee Award for Character City of Vaughan Proficiency Award Lion’s Club Award Maple Perseverance Award

13 TRANSCRIPTS TRANSCRIPTS are required when applying for Scholarships REMEMBER to submit a “Transcript Request Form” to Guidance well ahead of the time you need it. The Transcript Request Form can be printed off from the Maple HS website under Scholarships. The first 2 transcripts that are printed are FREE of charge. Each additional transcript after the first 2 will cost $1.00

14 K RISTI FUNG – GRADUATE MAPLE HS, 2012 Currently attending University of Waterloo with an Honours in Biomedical Science Major First year cost was approximately $16,000 and 78% was funded by scholarships, bursaries and awards

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