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Intent to Register What is it? What do you need to do?

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1 Intent to Register What is it? What do you need to do?

2 Intent to Register can be done online in February and March

3  You will be asked to choose a degree (e.g., 4-Year BSc) and module(s) (e.g., Specialization in Genetics)  Your ITR choice is what you think you’d like to study; remember that some students change their degree / module choices later on in their academic career Basically, Intent to Register is your way of saying “Hey, Western, I’d like to return next year, and this is what I’d like to study…”

4 For students in Science / Basic Medical Sciences, the most common choices are:  Honors Bachelor of Science  Bachelor of Science (4 Year)  Bachelor of Science (3 Year)  Honors Bachelor of Medical Sciences  Bachelor of Medical Sciences (4 Year )

5 What is a module? (Honors) Specialization Module types Major Minor

6 May we make a couple suggestions …

7 … Find out which modules are available, then create a short list of subject areas you want to learn more about  Which modules are available in our faculty? -- go to: – choose the 2012 Academic Calendar; click on Faculties, Science, including  Want to know more about modules in the Basic Medical Sciences Departments? – go to: Step 1…

8 Find out What to Expect and Which Modules are Offered in your area of interest Departmental Information Sessions:  Biological Sciences  Physical Sciences  Mathematical Sciences  Basic Medical Sciences Step 2 … …Participate in one or all of these: For Details, visit: & click on ‘ITR – Exploring Modules’ For First-Year Students ‘What’s your Program – Getting Ready for ITR’ For Details, visit:


10 DEGREE TYPE HONORS SPECIALIZA TION SPECIALIZ ATION MAJORMAJOR 2MINORMINOR 2 Honors BSc BSc (4-Year) BSc (3-Year) Approved module combinations depend on which Degree you choose … When you do online ITR, this chart will help you make your choices! … For info on BMSc module combinations – see les.htm

11 Go online and submit your Intent to Register!  Deadline: March 31, 2012  To access the online Intent to Register service: 1.Log into Student Services 2.Click on MY POSSIBILITIES 3.Click on Intent to Register What you will be asked to indicate:  Status (full-or part-time)  Faculty/School (e.g., Faculty of Science)  Degree designation and type (e.g., BSc 4-Year)  Module type(s) (e.g., Specialization)  Subject of module(s) (Specialization in Chemistry)

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