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CCCAP QI Pilot Colorado Shines & ecConnect Step by Step Guide.

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1 CCCAP QI Pilot Colorado Shines & ecConnect Step by Step Guide

2 QI Navigator: From Salesforce, find the provider’s current QRIS Application. Click the “To Dashboard” button to access Colorado Shines as QI Navigator for that site.

3 Once you’re logged in to Colorado Shines, you’ll start at the [Home] tab. Scroll down this page to view and update your Program Profile, manage the users who have access to edit your information, and share a Public Snapshot which will appear in the public online provider search.

4 Go to the [Application] tab to start your QRIS Application. You will begin on the application’s [Program Profile] tab. Answer the questions in the [Program Profile] section. When you’re finished, check the checkbox to indicate that this page is ready to be submitted with your application. (You would leave this box unchecked if you plan to come back later and continue working on this page.)

5 Remember to save your work periodically! When you’re finished with this page of the application, click the [Next >>] button at the bottom of the page.

6 Complete the [Children] page of the application. Check the “Children complete & ready to submit” checkbox when you’ve completed all the questions on this page. Click the [Next >>] button at the bottom of the page to continue.

7 Until PDIS becomes available in March, you can skip the [Workforce] page of the application. Click the [Next >>] button at the bottom of the page to continue.

8 Complete the [Classrooms] section. Add your classrooms, one at a time, by clicking the links and round buttons (like “Add Infant Room”) at the top of this page.

9 After you click one of the [Add ___ Room] buttons, you can enter the classroom name and description. Click [Save Classroom] to finish adding this classroom to your application.

10 Now you need to add sessions to your classrooms. Click the “Add a Session” link next to a classroom to begin. A box will appear beneath that classroom with editable fields for you to indicate more details about this classroom session. Because PDIS is not yet available, you’ll skip the Teachers section at this time. When you’re finished answering the questions about this classroom session, click the [ + Save Session] button to save your new classroom session. Continue adding sessions, starting with the “Add a Session” link, until you’ve finished entering all the sessions for this classroom.

11 When you have added all your classrooms and classroom sessions, check the “Classrooms complete and ready to submit” checkbox, then click [Next >>] to progress to the next page.

12 Complete the [High Needs] section. When you’re finished, check the “High Needs complete & ready to submit” checkbox and save. When you have completed all four sections of the application (skipping the Workforce section), and all four checkboxes are checked to indicate that your application is complete and ready to submit, you will see four green bars in your Application Status panel. Below these progress bars, you should now have a [Submit Application] button. Click to submit your full QRIS application. If you have NOT already submitted your application, this button should say “Submit Application” once you’ve completed everything.

13 Click the [Quality Improvement] tab. There is a sub-section here for [Build My QIP], and if you currently have a rating, you will also see a tab for [Rating QIP]. To access your CCCAP QI Pilot application, skip the QIP sections for now and go directly to the [QI Incentives] tab.

14 Colorado Shines will start connecting to your local early childhood council. This process may take 10-20 seconds.

15 QI Navigator: Before the provider can continue to their CCCAP QI Pilot application in ecConnect, you will need to update the following SugarCRM fields on the Account, under the Classrooms & Children tab, in the Systemic Funding section: CCAP QI Funding drop-down: select whether this program is “Eligible to Apply,” “Deferred/Ineligible,” or “Choose not to participate.” This field must be set to “Eligible to Apply” or the program will not have access to the CCAP pilot funding stream via Colorado Shines/ecConnect. Update QI Participation for CCAP Pilot to indicate whether the site participates in SRQIP, ITQA, another QI Initiative, or more than 1 QI Initiative. (Select “More than 1 QI Initiative” if the site participates in any combination of the other options.) This field determines the calculation of QI Assets later in the process.

16 Your first [QI Incentives] page provides an overview of Quality Improvement Incentives and a description of the QI CCCAP Pilot. Click the [Apply Now!] button to proceed. If you have already visited this page and clicked to start your application, your button will say [In Progress] instead of [Apply Now!]. Click the [In Progress] button to resume your CCCAP QI application.

17 First, you’ll be asked to confirm, choose or add a primary contact. Complete this section and click the [Next & Save >] button at the bottom of the page.

18 On the Site Profile page, you’ll see some basic information about your site. This is pulled from the information in your Colorado Shines record. If you have changes, please update your Profile section in Colorado Shines. This page also includes a short questionnaire to confirm your eligibility for the CCCAP QI program. Answer the questions on this page and click [Next & Save >] at the bottom of the page to continue.

19 If you were able to answer “Yes” to all the application questions on the previous page, congratulations! You are eligible for the CCCAP QI program. The next page may take a moment to finish loading, then you’ll see a list of your preliminary Quality Improvement funds.

20 From this page, you have the option to “View or Edit” your ecConnect application or “Print your application and renewals.” (Note that these options ONLY refer to the information you have entered in ecConnect, which you accessed via the [QI Incentives] tab.) When you’re ready to submit, check the checkbox next to your CCAP application and then click [Submit].

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